Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor UK Review

merkur 34c hd

The Merkur 34C safety razor, also known as the Merkur HD is the most popular safety razor sold in the world today. It is one of those classic razors that just seems to get every aspect right. There is certainly no questioning of the quality of the products that this German company produce.

We think the best way to describe the 34C is to say, that if you were only allowed to own one safety razor, then the vast majority of people who wet shave, would pick this one. When you get to hold this razor in your hand, we think you will sense right away, that it somehow just feels right.

It is 8 cm long and weighs a nicely balanced 80 grams. Sometimes you hold a razor in your hand and it feels just right. If you are new to wet shaving then you could not pick a better safety razor than the Merkur 34C.

Why Pick A DE Safety Razor?

If you think about it, many men buy and use disposable razors every day. So if double edged safety razors are so good, why do men not buy those instead?

The answer we believe lies in the marketing of the products and the fact that the manufacturers of cartridge type razors, appeal to the rather lazier or quick convenience attitude of some men.

There is also the fact that many men like to be right up to date with the latest technology. Razors can fall into that category, but in our opinion there is nothing quite like a classic shave using a good quality shaving soap and safety razor. .

Manufacturers with very good marketing departments, package these disposable razors with a clever name like “Glide,” then make the razor look stream lined, and then add a few cartridges and customers get hooked. Overall it looks like a good package, and is very well branded and advertised.

The average guy spends around £25 a month on buying disposable razors and cartridge packs, which is a whopping £300 a year. That shows just how effective these brands are at promoting their razors.

If only we could convince every man to use a disposable cartridge and then use a Merkur 34C, they would begin to realise the huge differences in having a high quality shave. They would also save an absolute fortune by buying a good quality safety razor and some DE blades.

For us here at the Emporium it is like writing with a BIC pen or using a Caran d’Ache high quality fountain pen. Both manage to get the job done, but one does it way better than the other.

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merkur 34c review

Features of the 34C

  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Cheaper than buying disposable razors and refills
  • Get rid of shaving rashes for good
  • High quality product that is well balanced and very well made.
  • Very economical to use as all you need are replacement double edged razor blades.
  • Perfect for beginners!

Buyer Reviews of the Merkur 34C

It is always useful to read some reviews of what other buyers think of a product once they have spent their money on it. I have put a few below just to give you a general sense of what they think.

After many years of of using Gillette cartridge razors. I couldn’t believe the quality of the shave on my first attempt with the Merkur 34c. It was a really close shave, and nowhere near as hard to learn as I was led to believe. The razor itself is a great piece of equipment, which also looks great in your bathroom. It seems to be almost bullet proof, and is a joy and pleasure to use. The shorter handle ensures tricky spots are easy to shave, with no nicks.

That was clearly one happy person and to be honest we found a lot of this type of review. Here is another one:

This razor is PERFECT! It is nice and easy to use and causes no upset or irritation to my sensitive skin. Until now I have always used electric shavers and although they cause me no irritation, the closeness of shave is not great. This Merkur has changed all that, for the better!

Buyers over at Amazon, and there are many, rate this product at a huge 4.8 out of 5 stars which is truly impressive. When you see reviews and ratings that have this type of average, then you know that you have picked a winner. Have a look at the video to get a close up look at this great safety razor.

If we only ever had to pick one safety razor, then it would be this one without question.

Check Availability Over at Amazon UK

This company makes some really superb and high quality razors and this is one of them for sure.

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