Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor UK Review

The Merkur 23C is just one of the best double edged safety razors available in the market today. It honestly does not matter if you are a beginner to wet shaving, or an experienced pro, this one is just very good. There are not many razors that we would give a 5 star rating to, but we do with this one.

The Merkur brand have been around for a very long time and we find that all of their products are good quality. The 23C is right at the top of that list so we wanted to do a quick review of this one.

Merkur 23C DE Safety Razor

Just one glance at the image above tells you that everything about this razor is a classic look. Although it actually has a modern design, it is still the same style as I remember my Grandfather using.

When I think of him, one of the things I clearly remember is him using a wooden shaving brush, an old mug filled with shaving soap, and a razor that looks just like this one.

That is enough of my sentimental recollections though, so let’s find out why this is one of the very best razors in the market right now.

Quick Feature Guide of the 23C Model

  • It is a long handle which means it is suitable for most size hands and well balanced
  • It is chrome plated which means it will not rust
  • It comes in 3 pieces which makes changing blades quick
  • The handle is burred making it non-slip
  • It offers a good degree of safety as any good DE should

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Detailed Review of the Merkur 23C Razor

For those of you who like to know more detail, then please read on and we will take you through the detail of this product.

If you are new to wet shaving or have been shaving with one of those horrible disposals, or something like a Mach 3, then by using something like this you are about to have a new shaving experience.

It is often hard to explain to people in writing what the difference is between using a proper DE razor and using one of those other things that look pretty in a box.

The difference is immense folks, it really is. One reviewer summed this up better than we could here at the Emporium when he said,

I was always curious about straight razor shaving for a long time, but the expense was intimidating. On a lark, I did some research on wet shaving, and found out about DE/Safety Razors. The Merkur brand was pretty common, and the price was right. I paired this up with Tabac shave soap, Feather razor blades, and a badger hair brush, and WOW!.

Now I am not saying here that you have to go with this particular mix of products as any good shaving brush, soap, razor and blades will do. You should also remember that your expense is a one-off spend at the start.

You do have to buy a razor, some blades and a brush with either a soap or cream. Once you have those then your ongoing spend will only ever be razor blades and some soap.

In the long run it is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying cartridges, and even more importantly, you get a shave like no other. Most estimates suggest that you can save between $100-150 a year by making the switch.

The Merkur 23C feels heavy in your hand and the weight is important. When wet shaving you never need to push a blade into your skin. The natural weight of the razor is enough and with this model it is simply perfect. Check out this video to find out what I mean.

Check Availability at Amazon UK

I have one myself and I use it regularly. I also use this one when travelling as well because when you are on holidays the skin does get a lot more heat on it, during my summer holidays.

That can make it a little more sensitive than usual. I find that this model helps me get a really good shave and at the same time is a lot more gentle on the skin.

Another reviewer said this:

Lovely razor

The Merkur 23C is a lovely razor. It has a long handle which I like, not because I have large hands but because I have been used to the Gillette Sensor Excel for many years. The handle is milled so has good grip when in use. I have been using this razor in conjunction with Wilkinson Sword blades and I am delighted with the results. A really good shave for about 12p a blade instead of £1.20.

You will not find any bad reviews about the Merkur 23C. If I did see one I would be very surprised. This safety razor has been out for a very long time and is just very high quality.

It has achieved and maintained a 94% buyer satisfaction rating for a very long time. That will not change any time soon.

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