Male Grooming Gift Ideas

grooming gift ideas for men

I have been planning to write an article on male grooming gift ideas for a long time and have finally got around to doing that. So, if you are a guy looking for a gift for yourself or a friend, or a lady wanted to buy a man a gift, then here are some great ideas, that will take care of all of his grooming needs.

I have listed below what I think are some of the very best ideas, ranging from the very basic ones and right through to some of the more unusual and unique style of presents.

First up though, here is a quick list of the many male grooming products available and that sell the most:

  • Shaving Kits & Gift Sets
  • Electric Shavers
  • Manual Shavers
  • Hair Clippers and Trimmers
  • Stubble Trimmers
  • Beard Trimmers
  • Body Groomers
  • Shaving Pre-treatments
  • After Shaves
  • Body Care
  • Hair Styling
  • Manicure & Pedicure Sets

If none of the above are what you are looking for, then you can also pick from:

  • Ear & Moustache Trimmers
  • Travel Kits
  • Hair Gels
  • Hair Removal Creams
  • Hair Growth Creams
  • Hair Colour
  • Hair brushes
  • Combs
  • Skin Care products like moisturisers, face scrubs and body lotions
  • Shower & Shaving Mirrors

Idea 1 – Shaving Kits & Gift Sets

NIVEA MEN Shave Gift SetThese are probably the most popular choice to give as a gift. No doubt you will see the shelves at Boots and other chemists packed with these, and especially around Christmas time, Father’s Day and even Valentine’s Day. They are in many ways a very good all round gift to buy.

Unless you know the guy really well, it is hard to know exactly what he has and doesn’t have. With a gift like this, it will always contain a number of useful products, and is almost always very well presented. Something like this is a very popular choice.

Typically these type of gift sets will cost around £10-15 so they are at least an affordable option. Many guys will like to receive sets like these, because most would never go out and buy them in the first place. In many ways, quite a few guys depend on getting these to keep their supplies stocked up.

If you would like to see more of this style of shaving gift set, then read my article by clicking here.

Idea 2 – Electric Shavers

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Men's Electric Shaver with Cleaning CentreAlmost all men will own some form of electric shaver or razor. They are the quickest and certainly the most convenient method of having a quick shave.

What most guys don’t realise is that in the last two years these shavers have changed a great deal. The reality is that most men will own one that is a lot older then 2 years.

These days the best electric shavers have both wet and dry options, so yes, guys can use a shaving cream or gel with an electric razor for a much better and smoother shave.

There are many of these that can also be used in the shower. Almost all of them are cordless so can be used when travelling, in the office and even in the car. In fact, there are even electric shavers designed just for guys who travel a lot.

You can click on this link to read about my Top 10 recommended electric shavers.

Idea 3 – Hair Clippers

HIGH QUALITY REMINGTON MENS ADVANCED STEEL HAIR CLIPPER 10 PIECE KIT SET CORDED MAINS POWEREDSome men do go to the barbers and get their hair cut. That takes time and costs about £10-20 a visit. Many men, and especially those with short hair styles are using hair clippers to do this at home. These are also great if you have a family of boys and want to avoid a big bill at the barbers

Again these have changed a lot over the last couple of years, and you can now get hair clippers with combs, tapers and accessories that allow a guy to do all types of styling.

The good news is that these are also pretty cheap, so you are able to give a very useful gift and yet not have to pay a lot of money to get it.

You can click on this link to read about my Top 10 recommended hair clippers.

Idea 4 – Stubble Trimmers

The Best Stubble Trimmers in the UKYou may be familiar with the stubble look. That started a few years back, and has been in style ever since. Now many guys still prefer a truly smooth shave, but a lot of younger men prefer this stubble look, where a little hair is left on the face.

That works well as long as the hair is all the same length and looks really neat and tidy. The leading manufacturers then designed stubble trimmers, which create this very specific type of look.

These literally sell in their thousands and many younger men will want a set of these. As you can see from the image, it is a pretty trendy look, and one that many guys like to replicate.

There are hundreds of these available now on the market. My only advice would be is to avoid the very cheap ones that cost around £10-15. They simply don’t work that well, and just make a mess of everything.

I have completed a Top 10 List of Stubble Trimmers HERE

Idea 5 – Ear and Moustache Trimmers

best nose hair trimmerIf you know of a man who thinks hairs growing out of his nose or ears is a good look, then please go and buy him one of these as a gift. For me that look along with eyebrows that look like a forest, are the worst things imaginable. Some men, and I do have to say, especially older men, tend to ignore the fact that their head is turning into a forest.

These need dealing with in my opinion. I have often thought about starting a website or a blog aimed at dealing with this huge male problem.

These are cheap as chips and they cost under £10. You will be doing him a big favour, me a big favour and the world a big favour.

You will not be surprised to know I have created a Top 10 list of ear & moustache trimmers.

Idea 6 – Body Grooming or Manscaping

body groomers for menOnce again and some years ago men retained all body hair. It didn’t matter if that was on their head, their face, their chest, their back, flapping under their arms and even down below. It was there, it grew and men were proud of the fact as it showed they were indeed men.

The younger generation and now even up to middle aged men decided that it was actually not that great a look. And then along came the sets of body grooming kits. This allowed men to shave off, or trim areas of hair from all over the body.

I was recently on holiday in Cyprus and laying on a sunbed on the beach. A man, aged around 50 decided to pick the bed beside me along with his partner. In all honesty it was like laying beside an ape. The hair under his arms alone could have filled a mattress.

These are now thankfully very popular and you can read about body groomers by clicking here.

Idea 7 – Manicure & Pedicure Sets

KingOfHearts - 12-Pieces Nail care Personal Manicure & Pedicure SetSome men will look after their nails, but the simple reality is, that most men will not. They are either “pickers” or “biters.” For men who do want to look their best, then by owning a manicure set, they can certainly achieve that. The key though is to make sure that your man only uses this in the bathroom.

I mean who wants to see any guy clipping his nails in any other room that that. (I will bet it happens though)

There are hundreds of these types of sets available. Most of them will contain nail clippers, small pincers, files and other accessories. They usually come in either black or brown pouches. At the cheaper end these cost about £5-10 and at the luxury end around £50

At the higher end you are getting genuine leather cases and high quality clippers which are usually nickel plated. At the lower end, the pouches will be artificial leather, and stainless steel clippers. You can find out more about manicure sets by clicking here.

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