Magnitone London The Clean Sweep Skin Brush for Men

More and more men, are beginning to understand, the importance of taking care of their skin. Using a cleansing brush is one important tool in ensuring that happens. This particular cleansing skin brush from Magnitone London, is known as the "Clean Sweep." It is certainly getting very good reviews, and selling really well.

In this article, we take a closer look at this product in particular. We also examine the importance of using this sonic brush properly.​ This is not a cheap option by any stretch of the imagination, but it could still be the right one for you.

magnitone london skin cleansing brush

Benefits of Using the Magnitone Style Brush

For years men have simply hand washed their face and skin. So the question you may well ask, is why bother with some type of brush. When I checked this out, there is plenty of evidence to state, that by using a brush, it is about SIX TIMES more effective, than hand washing. A bold claim, but apparently true nonetheless.​

Here are the reasons that this claim is made:​

  • Deep Cleansing - Brushes can remove old sweat, bacteria, daily environmental pollution and dry skin cells. That leaves skin much cleaner and healthier looking
  • Skin Toning - Everyone agrees that any type of massaging of skin helps tone it up. The same applied to the skin on the face. The brush can go deeper and faster than your hands ever could.
  • Time Saving - As the brush moves faster, you get a much better exfoliation and cleansing. Not just that though, it actually works faster and it can be fully completed in just 30 seconds.

Video Review of the Clean Sweep

What Magnitone Buyers Say About the Clean Sweep

It is always good to see what buyers actually say. This product does sell well, so let's see what those that have bought and used, actually have to say.

Using the product is pretty simple. You wet the brush head and add either a face wash or gel directly to the brush. Then use small circular strokes glide the brush over your face. (There is not need to actually scrub your face) Then simply rinse and apply moisturiser to keep the skin feeling smooth.

For those of you with beards, then you will be best to use the turbo boost to get the best results. So based on using the cleansing brush as described, let's see what the buyers said.​


  • It looks compact, smart and manly
  • It exfoliates the skin well and makes the face feel alive
  • Creates a really good lather on the face
  • Charges quickly
  • Most buyers have got good results in terms of skin improvement


  • It is an expensive product
  • More a gadget than something useful

Above I have summarised what buyers think. There is certainly divided opinion on this product. One set of buyers believe it to be a cool and sleek looking gadget. Others agree with that, but also believe it does wonders for their skin.

It would certainly lead you to the conclusion that a minority of the buyers simply prefer a flannel and some facial cleanser. Others clearly prefer the 30 second cleansing using this machine.

My Overall Verdict

Gadget or actually useful? That is the decision I was left with, having read countless reviews. The majority of buyers do like this. The price of around ​£85 clearly puts a lot of people off making the purchase. I can certainly see why that would be the case.

It would also put me off. If it were half the price I would certainly give it a try. At this price, I am to be convinced that I could not do without this cleaning brush.​ Personally, I will keep an eye on the price, and add this to my wish list.

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