Our UK Review of the Kent Anodized Aluminium Travel Shaving Brush

This useful travel shaving brush forms part of the Kent range of shaving products. This one will make a great gift for any man, who likes to wet shave, and especially if they have to travel a lot..

The Kent Anodized Aluminium Travel Shaving Brush is a very high quality product, as the bristles are made from badger hair, and the entire brush is contained inside an aluminium handle.

Kent Anodized Aluminium Travel Shaving Brush Review

As you can see from the image above, the brush comes in a very neat presentation box, making it a great gift for any man. Wet shaving is certainly back in fashion, and if the man prefers this style of shaving, then owning a good quality shaving brush is very important.

How Buyers Rate the Kent TR2 Travel Shaving Brush

Kent Anodized Aluminium Travel Shaving Brush Review

When considering buying any product, it is always good to check out any existing buyer reviews.

That is what we do here at the Emporium, and then apply the right analysis. Just below, we have included the actual ratings, and expressed those in percentage terms.

These are based on 5 star ratings with 5 being the highest, and 1 being the lowest.‚Äč For this particular set, the ratings are all very good indeed.

This is the black coloured version, and you can also buy this one in a white or bronze colour. There will be a slight price differential in the three models.

80 %
20 %
0 %
0 %
0 %

At a quick glance you can see that every buyer so far has rated these either as a 4 star or as a 5 star product. To date, there have only been 10 reviews. I will of course update this article as and when those ratings change.

Kent Anodized Aluminium Brush Specification

Just below we have included a more in-depth review, of the actual specification of this useful home hairdressing set.

  • Uses badger hair from China
  • Aluminium case and handle
  • It comes in a very nice presentation box.
  • Really useful for travelling as it is small and compact and therefor lightweight to carry and takes up very little room

Use of the Kent Brush

Like any shaving brush this one is simple enough to use. To open the brush, you simply unscrew the top ring. Then you drop out the brush head and then screw it back onto the handle using the ring. It is actually pretty clever.

After that it is simply a matter of applying either a shaving cream, or creating a lather from a good quality shaving soap, to the brush. You then apply this to the bristles having first washed the face with hot water. Always remember to push the lather up and into the bristles to help loosen them up.

Verdict on the Kent Travel Shaving Brush

The majority of buyers stated that the badger hair used on this brush, is indeed very good quality. It is soft, yet firm enough to quickly develop a good lather. The aluminium handle makes it easy to store, and also to help protect the hairs when travelling.

This product does not have a lot of reviews so far. Any that have been left are very good. This is not the type of shaving brush that you would use on a regular basis in the bathroom. It is however a very good choice for those men who are on the road.

If this is not the one for you then please check out our top 10 list of shaving brushes, by clicking here.

The Kent brand is well known and well respected in the shaving world. This is a good quality brush to take on the road with you. It also looks pretty classy and that is always a good thing.

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