Join In DecemBeard to Help Fight Bowel Cancer

With Movember almost finished, why not carry on and join in with Decembeard. This is something that is being supported by the History Channel and I seen their advert there when watching TV a couple of nights back. The voice over sounds like Brian Blessed and we all know he sports one heck of a beard.

Understanding Bowl Cancer

I know that growing a beard is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when it is to help out a charity, then it might be worth giving it a go. So folks if you fancy it, you can abandon your razor for the month of December and grow a beard instead. The charity is attempting to raise £250,000 to help create a campaign to raise awareness of the UK’s second biggest cancer killer. In fact bowel cancer affects over 41,000 people a year in the UK and on both men and women.

You can go to to find out more details about how to become part of the fundraising organisation.

They are asking each person to grow a beard and raise £100 each. We should all be able to do that and you get to grow a beard at the same time. Most of the guys here have said they will be giving it a go, so we should expect to see a few bearded creatures around the office.

Bowel cancer or colon cancer grows slowly over a period of up to 10 years and will eventually start to spread to other parts of the body. It starts out as polyps which are like small spots on the wall of the bowel. Most will get these as they grow older and they are not all cancerous. One type is though and if left undetected it can form into a tumor.

That then grows into the wall of the bowel or as we know it the back passage, and from there the cancerous cells can travel to other parts of the body. Typically they travel to the liver and the lungs.

Some Good News

Bowel cancer can be treated successfully in 90% of cases if diagnosed early. The early signs are bleeding, persistent changes in bowel habit, abdominal pains, weight loss and excessive tiredness. If in doubt you should consult your doctor.

So if we can help out, then December is a great month to contribute to this worthy cause.

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