Is Wet Shaving On The Increase?

wet shaving

Wet Shaving is not only alive and well, but making a pretty remarkable growth in the United Kingdom. One thing that is particularly interesting is that more and more younger men, are treating themselves to a trip to the barber.

So not only is it growing in the home, but it is also growing by generation, and let’s face it, why not lay back and let someone else do the work every now and then. So for sure the return to wet shaving is on the increase.

We have particularly noticed that in the UK, Turkish barbers are becoming ever more popular. If you have never had a hot towel shave, then honestly just try it out one time, and perhaps you will become a convert and join the happy world of wet shaving.

The Barber’s Pole

Years ago, the High streets of Britain were littered with the famous red and white barber poles. The story behind these is interesting and I first heard it when watching Pawn Stars on TV one evening.

Apparently when the USA was still in its infancy barbers doubled up as surgeons, which in today’s modern world is simply a scary thought.

They would have used a practise known as blood – letting, where they would cut or scrape the skin as a supposed cure to many ailments.

They would then have hung the rags they used outside their barber shop. When this practise stopped and they became barbers only, their history was captured by the use of the famous striped pole.


Sorry I digressed a little but thought the history was interesting. Over the 70’s 80’s and onwards these poles all but disappeared. In the main this was due to the popularity of electric shavers and also the introduction of the convenient BIC style razors.

At that many people who had enjoyed traditional shaving would have viewed that as not only the decline, but more likely as the end.

Why Bother With Wet Shaving?

Some trends however rise and fall, and it would seem that wet shaving has joined that club. More people are starting to revert back to a good old fashioned shaving soap, and a double edged razor.

I think that those who use the cut throat are however a dying breed, if you will kindly pardon the not intended pun.

Almost all of the well known shaving brands are reporting increases in sales of the more traditional products, such as creams, soaps and even the good old razor blade.

At the Emporium we certainly like to see that, and it helps on our mission to bring back this old fashioned method. This is a method of shaving that dates all the way back throughout the Centuries.

The Romans used bones to shave and after that different generations and tribes brought forward their own methods.

It was only after the Iron Age that metals became available and it was then that man started to look at the various options for creating sharp blades.

Initially that was of course for weapons but like most things, it then became used foe engineering and that in turn led into a whole range of products, of which one was the straight razor and then the DE blade.

Does Wet Shaving Help the Environment?

We were discussing general issues of the world in our office one day, and the environment is never far from any world type discussions. It got us thinking though if wet shaving is something that would help the environment, or indeed over contribute to it. So we made a list of some of those type of benefits.

  • No electric power required
  • The only waste is really a blade change every 3-5 days
  • None of those horrible spray cans of useless foam
  • No need to get rid of batteries
  • No need for wasteful packaging

Wet Shaving On A Budget

We thought that was a pretty decent starter list, and that it was worth sharing with you. To be honest we struggled to come up with anything that was really detrimental to the environment other than getting rid of about 50-70 used razor blades a year. It becomes an interesting debate as to the cost as well.

If you are someone who is on a limited budget then we think that wet shaving is a pretty good choice. You can get started for around £30 and that will get you a decent DE razor, a quality shaving cream and about 100 blades.

The razor will last forever, the blades about a year and in a year you will need about 6 jars of cream. So if you work that all out the cost for a year is under £100 for top notch shaving. You will get a great shave each and every time for around £2 a week.

It is certainly a great deal better than buying those so called disposable razors and then getting ripped off for cartridges.

We would really love to hear your thoughts on this, so please feel free to have your say in the comments below.

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