How To Use Shaving Soap And A Brush

how to use a shaving brush and soap

It is always a really good feeling to get a new shaving brush and a new soap. That is almost the beginning of your wet shaving experience. If you were anything like me, when you first started, then it is all well and good to have these, but what is the best way to combine them.

Again if you are anything like me, it seems like a straightforward thing to do, but like most things there is a bit of a knack to it.

One question we are always asked here at the Shaving Emporium, is should you use shaving cream or shaving soap. We have written an article here on that debate, which you can read by clicking here. For now though we are just going to focus on how to use a shaving brush with shaving soap.

The idea is to create a soft creamy lather, that you can put on your face. That will soften your stubble and also provide a layer of protection, so as the blade can slide over your skin, remove the hair and not damage your face.

In essence, shaving cream is simply shaving soap that has been taken through the first process of creating this lather.

Most men will use a shaving bowl or a shaving mug to create the lather. In all honesty it really doesn’t matter what you actually use, as long as it is wide enough and deep enough to allow you to create a lather. A shaving mug is the most traditional, but the bowl is also a popular choice.

Video of How To Use A Shaving Brush and Soap

How To Lather Shave Soap Using A Brush & Soap By Hand

You have two choices, which are called hand lathering, or creating a lather in a bowl or mug. The first part of this video shows you how to do this by hand. Soak the brush thoroughly and then apply to the soap. Mix this around for about one minute until there is plenty of soap on the actual brush.

Then start to lather on your hand and build up the depth of the lather. Some men like this method as they get the feel of the lather.

Personally I don’t use this method, as I think using a bowl is quicker and simpler. If you are starting out, we would recommend using it on your hand. This does help give you a feel of the type of lather you can build up.

When you have found a rich and creamy texture, then you can start making the same lather in a bowl, which is of course not as messy.

How To Lather Shave Soap Using A Mug or Bowl – Step by Step

This is I think a lot easier, and a lot less messy for beginners to wet shaving.

  1. Take you mug or bowl and rinse it in hot water and leave a few drops in the bottom of the bowl.
  2. As before, soak and submerse the brush in hot water.
  3. Drain off any excess water from the brush.
  4. Now take the brush, place it on the soap and swirl in a circular motion for one minute.
  5. Once the brush is loaded with soap, then put the brush into the bowl and start to mix it together.
  6. The action used here is important, you should swirl and also push the brush up and down like a pump, as you are trying to add in some air, to help create a nice lather.
  7. Add a small amount of water if the lather feels dry
  8. After a minute you should have a nice creamy lather

You will know the lather is ready when it looks like whipped cream or meringue, and should have a nice sheen to it.

As you can see this is a pretty easy method, but it takes a little practise just to get it right. In no time at all, you will have this mastered, and personally, I enjoy doing this.

It can be a little annoying if you are pushed for time, but when you get really good at this, it takes about 30 seconds from start to finish.

So, yes even in the mornings, you can still do this very quickly and with practise you will fly through this process.

Taking Care Of Your Brush & Soap

When you have finished your shave, always thoroughly rinse out your brush, making sure all of the soap has been removed. Hang it up on a stand to allow it to dry out properly.

Make sure that the hairs on the brush are pointing downwards when drying. Rinse and dry off the mug or bowl.

One thing you will discover is that if you try different shaving soaps, they will all react differently to the amount of water that you use.

Some lather up very quickly and others take a lot more work. It honestly is a matter of trial and error. Shaving soap is less scented than a shaving cream, which is why many men prefer to use it. That way it doesn’t clash with the smell of your after shave.

The only way to find out which you like best is to experiment and see. My own preference is the Edwin Jagger Aloe Vera Natural Traditional Shaving Soap. There are quite a few to pick from and I have done reviews on the top ten shaving soaps, which you can read by clicking here.

So why not give it a try. It is something that I really enjoy doing.

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