How To Use Electric Hair Clippers

trimming with electric hair clippers

In this article we are going to offer you the best advice on how to use electric hair clippers. We hope that you find this useful and informative so let’s get started.

At all costs avoid opening the box, plugging them in, and just having a go. I promise you that is the single biggest recipe for disaster. I have a friend who did this and then had to go to the barber for a repair job wearing a woolen hat!

After all barbers and hairdressers have to learn to use these, and the reality is, so do we. This is not one of these things where you can just take a chance and hope it turns out ok.

We have put together a top ten list of the best hair clippers available in the UK. Now we don’t know if you have a set that is on that list, or you have got a different set.

The truth is that they all work on the same principle. You should have a set of clippers which will be corded, cordless or both.

Then you should also have a set of combs in different sizes. These are usually made of plastic and clip on to the main cutting area of the actual clippers.

It is the comb that will determine the length of hair you have left when you are finished. The bigger the comb size you select, then the longer the hair that will be left at the end.

how to use electric hair clippers

In the picture above, you can see a typical electric hair clipper’s set. There are the clippers of course, a set of combs, a comb, hairdressing scissors, lubricating oil and a cleaning brush.

Not all sets will have all of these, but they should have the clippers and the attachment combs.

Step By Step Method For Cutting Hair With Electric Clippers

This is one of the easiest things that you can do and will help maintain a neat and tidy appearance, and will also save you a money, especially if you have a larger family.

Taking the time to learn to do this right is therefore essential. There are just some very simple basics that you need to follow. You also need to avoid what we would call the beginner mistakes.

If you have never used hair clippers before, then put on the largest comb, and begin with that. Remember this golden rule please and you will seldom go wrong.

The rule is that you can always take more hair off, but you can not glue it back on again. We think that is just common sense but we have also seen that common sense can rather easily go out the window.

Step 1

Wrap a towel around the neck or if you have a cape then use that. Many men just pull their shirt off so whichever suits best is fine.

You just want to avoid small and fine hairs getting trapped between your back and your shirt. Never use electric clippers with wet hair! So assuming the hair is dry then you are good to get started.

Start with the biggest comb when beginning, and work your way down until you find the comb that gives you the length that you want. You will quickly find out which comb is right for you, or for whoever’s hair you are cutting.

Having picked the right comb, switch on the clippers, and then run them over the top of the head. Always shave against the grain. That means shave in the opposite direction to the way the hair is actually growing.

For most men that will mean shaving from front to back at the top of the head. Change combs until you get the right length that you desire.

Step 2

The second phase is to now shave the sides of the head, from the bottom upwards, and then the back of the head from the bottom upwards as well. When that is done you should have the hair the correct length all over the head.

using electric hair clippers

Step 3

If you are on your own the final part can be difficult as you need to trim around the ears, and also create a neat edge at the back of your neck. The only way to do this on your own, is with a mirror in front of you, and one behind so as you can see the reflection.

Even then it is still a pretty tough thing to do properly. It should be done with very sharp hairdressing scissors, and then finished with the electric clippers.

If you have a partner then ask them to do it. For the edges around the ears and necks, this is usually done using the electric hair clippers without any attachment.

That means GREAT care is needed and no slipping. In that condition the hair clippers will remove anything in sight, which is great for a neat edge, but not a great look if the blade slips half way over your head. Trust me I know!!!

trimming with electric hair clippers

So as you can see, doing a basic haircut is a fairly simple thing to do. Less is better when starting out until you find the right length, the right comb and get some practise.

There are other techniques that can be used as you get experience, the main one being fading, but we will cover that in another article.

Great Video Demonstration On How To Use Electric Hair Clippers for A Basic Haircut

Hopefully you found that video useful. There is no doubt that with a little practise you can start to become very accomplished in using these.

Just don’t try anything too fancy when starting out and you will be fine. Hairdressing does take a bit of skill, so take your time and learn the basics, before trying to move on to the more advanced hair cutting techniques.

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