How To Save Money On Family Haircuts?

save money on family hair cuts

In this article we are going to discuss, how to try and save some money on family haircuts. The inspiration for this article came after a chat with my sister in law, about the cost of getting her boys hairs cut.

I was truly shocked when my sister-in-law told me how much it cost for her hubby Brian and three sons to go for a haircut. Now I am not talking about anything fancy, just a plain basic hair cut.

Brian was charged £12, his two eldest boys (aged 13 + 15) were charged £10 each and his youngest lad (aged 9) was charged £8. Add those up and you get a whopping £40!!!

They go once a month so that sets that family back a staggering £500 a year out of the family budget. You can also be sure of one thing and that is the price will continue to go up and not come down. It is probably slightly more than that, as they also went for haircuts for special occasions.

I told them both that I use a set of hair clippers that cost me £25, and I use them on my own hair (well what is left of it) and I also give my Grandson a hair cut.

So with one use of this, their family could save £15 and then, close to £450 for the rest of the year. Then you can do the sums and see how much this would save them year after year.

That is when I heard the usual objections to using these types of clippers at home.

Why Do People Think They Can’t Use Hair Trimmers or Clippers at Home?

Typically there are three reasons:

  1. Like Brian, a lot of people still think that hair clippers are like they were 25-30 years ago. Those stainless steel manual nipping things, that every now and then would rip a hair from the back of your neck. That usually resulted in a loud squeal, a few swear words, and a spot of blood cascading down your neck.
  2. People also think that the hair clippers barbers and hairdressers use are expensive as well. They are not!
  3. And finally they also think you need to be a hairdresser to be able to cut someone’s hair. That is no longer true either.

Some also think that their kids might object, or be afraid that Mom or Dad will mess it up. Name me any boy who enjoys going to a barbers, waiting in a queue, when they could be at home, playing on an X-Box or a PlayStation? Now for those parents who think they can’t use these, well I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The newer range of hair clippers come with all types of blades and protectors. They also have tapers for around the ears and almost all of them will have an instructional DVD, or at worst instructions.

All you need is a decent pair of hairdressing scissors, and in no time at all, you can do a pretty good job. Let Dad go first and prove it, I say.

There is a video at the bottom right hand corner of this page of a Mom showing you how to do this at home.

Check that out and you will see exactly what I mean. I have included another one here though, just to show you what is possible.

So as you can see, with a little patience and a bit of focus, you can become quite good. Most kids like their hair to be short so that works in your favour.

You will notice that different people will use different types of clippers, but we here at the Emporium, are big fans of the WAHL brand. They just do fabulous clippers. you can check out our list of the top 10 clippers by clicking here.

We have also done a section on the best hair clippers for kids which you can read by clicking here. Those are a better choice for younger kids aged 8 and under.

How About Cutting Your Own Hair With Clippers?

We think that it is harder to cut your own hair than cutting someone else’s hair. Once you have cut someone’s hair a few times it gets a great deal easier. Cutting our own hair is simply more awkward as it can be difficult to see.

It is a strange thing really. I guess if you make a mistake you only have yourself to blame. One great tip for doing this is to start the fade line as low as you can and then work up slowly, if you want to.

We have done a full article here on home hair cutting tips, which is worth a read, if you have the time.

Another thing we recommend is the old double mirror trick. One mirror in front of you, and a larger one behind, so as you can comfortably see the back of your head. How about watching a barber cut his own hair. Check this one out.

I do have to say that this guy is actually very good indeed. A smile every now and then would help though.

Do You Need Hairdressing Scissors for Home Haircuts?

It really depends on the length of the hair that is being cut. If you are going to be using clippers, then they will do most of the work so you don’t really need scissors at all.

Some people do like to use them though if the person has either got longish hair, or really thick hair.

The truth is that a set of professional hairdressing scissors costs about £10-15, so if you think they are going to be useful, they are not a huge investment.

Check Out Our Hairdressing Scissors Reviews

I personally would never use them, but some of the guys here at the Emporium do, for trimming around the ears. So hopefully, you at least now have the information you need to know how to save a lot of money on expensive family haircuts.

You can also read our related articles on barber capesneck bushes  and hair wax by clicking on the links.

Good luck if you decide to get a set of clippers and get started. Many thousands have already taken the plunge.

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