How To Grow a Beard

Growing a beard of any kind is not as simple as it seems. This is especially true when you are aged between 16 to 18 and may want the bearded look. It takes a bit of determination to get a good facial growth especially during the important early stages. Stick with it though and in the end almost anyone can see this through. Ignore any comments that you may get at the early stages though as believe me you will get plenty of them.

Your Genes

a healthy growing beardThere are just some things that you have no control over. Your genes are certainly one of those and quite honestly there is just nothing that you can do about those.

We inherit those from our parents and grand parents. So if your Dad or Grandad struggled to grow a lot of facial hair, then the odds are that you will struggle as well. That does not mean you have to give up, it just means you need to do things differently.

Many guys have the ability to develop a great looking beard in just a few weeks. That is because they have the right genes. Those that don’t will need to spend a few months to get the type of beard that they want. So whichever bracket you are in, it really is all about getting started and then learning to work with what happens.

I have spoken with many beard growers, and I also know from personal experience that it will take between 8-12 weeks for the average person to see what their beard will look like. You need to be willing to give it that length of time and just stick with it.

When Should You Start Growing Your Beard?

That is really down to you and any time works really. Personally I will grow mine at the onset of Winter as it adds a bit of warmth to the face. I know a few guys who will start their growth when they are off work for a couple of weeks and don’t need the clean shaved look. A really great time to start your growing is November or as we refer to it in shaving world as Movember. This is the month when around the world guys grow a beard and help raise money for prostrate cancer. If you happen to work with a lot of jokers this is probably the best time as even they will realise you are doing this for a great cause.

Time To Get Started

growing a beard quicklyYou do have to start sometime if you want to see any results. So just pick a time and stop shaving. Once you do that them our strong advice here at the Emporium is to do nothing for 4 weeks and even up to 5 weeks. Just let it do what it is going to do and deal with it at the end of this period. If you want your beard to grow faster then honestly just leave it alone and don’t dabble with it at all.

Most people and especially younger guys have a tendency to dabble in these first few weeks and it is a huge beginner’s mistake. Strong though that temptation maybe, just leave it alone guys and let Mother Nature do its thing. Now we do understand that perhaps you are only planning a goatee, or maybe just a moustache, or even just a stubble look. It honestly does not matter in these early weeks. Allow it to be whatever it is going to be.

You want to give your beard the opportunity to really fill out. In the first 2-3 weeks this can look very patchy. Allowing it a couple of extra weeks gives it time to develop a full growth. You should not even consider trying to shape your beard until 4 weeks has passed. Just give it time and let it develop and fill out.

Beware of the Beard Itch

This can really get to you and it happens with me every single time. As the beard starts to grow you start to develop an itch and it can drive you nuts. I have spoken with many guys who just can not stand it and reach for the razor. Now what I can tell you is that this itchiness is actually only a temporary thing and it will stop. In the mean time when you feel it starting to happen it is worthwhile trying a couple of bear growing supplements which you can read about by clicking here.

Something that is also very popular with many men is to use Argan oil to help grow a really healthy beard. We have done a full article on that which you can red by clicking here.

Time To Shape Your Beard

So if you can get through the first 4-5 weeks you will have a decent growth to work with and this is the perfect time to shape your beard. Now clearly the shape you give it will be down to your personal taste. For the first time we would recommend going to a barber and taking his advice and also watching carefully what he does. If that isn’t possible then we will give you a few tips below that should act as general guidelines.

You will need a beard trimmer do do that and we have written a detailed article on the best beard trimmers available on the market today. If you are considering a stubble look, then check out this article on those type of trimmers by clicking here.

Beard Shaping Tips

There are two areas on the face where you will do your main shaping. Those are the neck line and the cheek lines. You can check out the video below to see how to do this. Here at the Emporium we would recommend not doing a lot with the actual cheek lines. There is a strong tendency to want to overdo those areas and you end up trimming off too much hair. We would recommend just getting the neck line right as that can make a beard look great.

Looking After Your Beard

It really does depend on how much you want to care for your beard. Most guys who are proud of that look will have a good quality beard trimmer, a sharp pair of scissors and a beard comb. Now with most good trimmers you will normally get a beard comb so just look out for that. The scissors are used to help keep straight and clean lines. Just don’t get too scissor happy.

Other than that you should just wash your bead when you are washing your face and towel dry it. Some guys like to then use an oil such as Argan oil that really does promote a very healthy growth.

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