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How to Get Rid of a Shaving Rash on Your Neck

Without any doubt whatsoever, one of the most popular questions that we get here at the Shaving Emporium, is how to prevent getting a shaving rash in and around the area of the neck.

It seems that many guys want to stop it from happening in the first place so preventing the rash is their top priority. Some other men have already got it, continue to suffer from it, and would like to stop getting this irritating and annoying type of rash.

The most common place to get this is in the lower neck area, and just about where your shirt buttons. That just makes it even more annoying. Let's deal with how to stop it from happening first, and then we will have a look at some fast acting neck rash treatments.

The facts are that not all men get this, but the vast majority of men do, so it is a pretty common problem. If you suffer from skin rashes caused by shaving in other areas, then check out this article on "How To Stop Shaving Rashes For Good" 

This article deals specifically with the neck area as that is the main question that we are asked.

Understanding the Skin Type on Your Neck

Let's understand the skin that is around your lower neck as that will help a lot. The normal skin on our face does see plenty of wear and tear, but under our necks, it is pretty much shaded from the sun, by our chins.

That may not sound that important initially, but in reality is plays an important part. Very few men take the time to study the way hair grows in that particular area, and again that is really important. The next time you look in the mirror, just have a closer look and you will notice something different.

The way stubble and hair grows on our face is usually out and slightly downwards.This direction is referred to as the grain, or simply the general direction in which hair on the skin grows. Now look under the chin and you will see, that it also grows slightly outwards and then down the way.

Now check out the lower part of the neck, and what you will notice is that there is a mixture there of hair growing in different directions. For some reason the hair does seem to grow in quite a haphazard way.

So what you can take from this is that this skin will be more sensitive as it is not as hardy as facial skin, the hair sprouts in different directions, and the neck area is also irritated by either t-shirts with tight necklines, or by casual or dress shirts that rub up against the sensitive skin in this lower neck area.</p>

Neck Skin Rash and Electric Shavers

Out of all the people who asked us this question, around 85% were men who used an electric shaver. On further questioning most of these men used a fairly basic one, that cost around £25-30.​

We think it is therefore fair to comment that men who wet shave, do not suffer as much from skin rashes as men who choose the electric option. We also know from experience that some wet shavers also suffer from skin rashes, so really there are still problems.

That said, for men who are constantly troubled by these type of rashes, it is certainly worth trying the move to wet shaving, as that single decision could actually solve your problem.

If that doesn't work for you, then at least you can say you tried. Even then, we have some great tips below for men who do use wet shaving, and still get this type of rash, so please read on or bookmark this page, so as you can come back to this, should you need to.

Most Men Don't Moisturise

This statement is just a genuine fact. The ladies have no problem looking after their skin. The majority of men just don't bother.

Some younger men do of course, and people who wet shave also take the time to use shaving creams that are moisturised, and also take the time to make sure the neck has been washed initially by hot water, and then had a good cream or soap rubbed in, to help lubricate this area.

Men who use an electric shaver switch it on, and then apply the foil or rotary heads straight to their skin. That causes friction and heat and takes little care when shaving off the hair, especially that hair that grows quite differently around the neck area.

So the real answer to solving the rash problem is that you have to start taking care of the skin, that is sensitive, in and around the neck area.

Preventing Neck Skin Rashes

You will have heard of course that the best method of cure is prevention. The use of Pre-Shave oils has declined drastically over the last few years.

Something that many men used years ago has all but vanished from the market. Now this is one of these products where we truly have a split jury. Here at the Emporium, it is really no different.

Some of the guys hear swear by these pre-shave products and some say they are a waste of time and effort. We could therefore not recommend these to you with any real conviction. Personally I use one and for me it makes a difference especially around the neck area.

They are cheap enough products to buy and if you think it might work for you, then for just a few pounds it might be worth the gamble. You can read all about pre-shave oils here

So if you wet shave, make sure to wash around the neck area, just as much as you wash around the facial area before applying your shaving soap or shaving cream Also make sure you apply plenty of cream to this area as it provides important protection.

For electric shavers, you can either try the switch to wet shaving, or try a pre-shave oil first. There are also electric razors that have been designed for sensitive skin

These are more expensive than standard razor, but if the rash is a constant irritation, then perhaps you would consider that a good investment. One final tip for both dry and wet shavers is to rinse your face in warm water and then in cold water when finished shaving.

This helps close up the pores and that stops any infection and also helps a lot with razor burn. Some men also use a product called witch hazel to rub on to their neck with a pad.

This also helps clean and protect that area. Those men who said they used that did report that it helped get rid of their rash caused by shaving. The product that they used was called the "Witch Doctor for shaving rashes" 

This is something that works really well on insect bites, stings and minor burns and sunburn. It makes sense that it would help with neck rashes, though none of us here at the Emporium have ever used it. We found during research that some men had and achieved great results by using it.

Cures for Shaving Rashes

So hopefully some of the measures we have discussed above will help prevent getting a shaving rash. But, what if you have one and you want a treatment that will help get rid of it.

There are some treatments and creams that people can use. These come under different names such as razor bump treatment and skin care treatments. Some of them also have pretty strange names as well.

The Bump stopper is one of those names. It isn't a product that you see in the UK very much and it is a lot more popular in the USA and Canada. When we checked on Amazon, we did find it and it does get really good reviews.

Check Availability at Amazon UK

The good news is that almost all of the reviewers stated that it helped a lot around the neck area. Here is what one of those who left a review said about this product;

No doubt about it, a quick dab of this cream on my neck after shaving and the rash, if not completely cured, was greatly reduced. More impressively the ingrowing hairs do appear to have disappeared altogether

The rest of the reviews were similar and at under £2, we think it is worth a try as it seems to have worked for quite a few people. There are plenty of these types of creams in the market, and we found that many of them were very expensive.

We saw ones as expensive as £45 which we think is just a crazy amount of money to pay. Rather than try to continually cure neck rashes, we think it makes a great deal more sense to stop them from happening.

Try working your way through the tips we have offered and see if they make a difference first. This is just an area of sensitive skin and it needs some care and attention.

Pre-shave oils are cheap enough to try for either wet or dry shavers. An electric razor for sensitive skin will certainly help if you want to keep using an electric shaver, but they do cost around £50 for good quality.

Changing from dry shaving to wet shaving is a cheaper option and most men who wet shave don't be over troubled by neck rashes. You never know, you may even like it and become converted.

Washing after a shave will also make a huge difference and then applying a good after shave product. So hopefully this information has helped you out, so if you try any of these methods, let us know in the comments below how they worked out for you.

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