Finding The Best Barber Capes

best barbers cape

Most men will have gone to a barbers, or a hairdressing salon and would have had a barber’s cape placed around their neck. Similarly, if you are a family who cut their hair at home, then this is almost a must to have.

This is what protects your clothes and neck from getting covered in really small hairs that fall from the clippers or scissors.

As you can imagine, these come in all shapes and sizes. If you buy any type of clippers then you will already know that you will get one of these inside the kit. They are an added accessory and overall they will do a pretty decent job. When you buy a clipper set you normally get both a cape and a neck brush.

They are necessary extras and as general purpose accessories they do enough to make the whole hair cutting process a great deal less messy.

If you have these as part of your kit, then you are probably already covered. If you then want something a little better in terms of a better cape, then this article is worth a read.

I have done some reviews on neck bushes, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at the barber capes as well.

Good Quality Barber Capes Reviewed

These range in price from about £2-10 with the average price being about £3. Their purpose as you know is to protect the clothes from getting covered in tiny hairs.

They should also be able to help stop these small hairs getting down the back of your neck. Some people will use either an old towel or sheet for this purpose, but when these are so cheap, I don’t see the point in not having one that is specifically designed for the job.

Basic Cape Buying Guide

There are just a couple of things to look out for:

  • Adjustable neckline – you want this to be able to fit different neck sizes
  • Be large enough to cover all of your clothes and body
  • Needs to be light and easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to fold up and store

Other than that you will simply want it to be durable enough to last for a long time.

SC02 Hair Cutting Barber’s Cape

This one, priced at around £5 is a good quality lightweight gown that will do the job well. It is water repellent so no need to worry about cutting wet hair. It has an adjustable velcro neck closure, so will fit all neck sizes. This one is really effective at keeping hair out of the neckline which is always a good thing.

You will find that many of these capes will use a light, durable material and they will use Velcro to open and close the neck line. Ladies can also use these to protect their clothing for things like colouring and perming.

It is useful to have one of these about really for any type of home hairdressing. Salon owners will keep a number of these and they change them regularly.

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Wawoo Professional Salon Barber Cape

This is probably the most popular and the best selling barber’s cape. The reason for this is it is priced just under £2 and does a really good job. It measures 145 cm x 120 cm so that should cover almost any size, and also has an adjustable velcro neck closure.

Like the one above it is water repellent so good for cutting wet hair. This one has a silky feeling to it, and we noticed that the material tends to allow the smaller hairs to fall off it and on to the floor. That is of course exactly where you want them to go as it makes cleaning up afterwards a great deal easier.

When you finish, if you give this one a couple of shakes the hairs fall of quite easily.

Denman Black Waterproof Barber’s Cape

This is the last one that we have reviewed. If you want to spend a little extra and get a barber’s cape at the higher end of the range, then we would recommend this one from Denman. This brand is well known for making very high quality products and this one is classed as being “salon standard.”

It has all the features that you would expect and is made from high quality material. Many of the cheaper capes are quite plastic in look and feel, but that is not the case with this one.

This one is also bigger in size and will cover just about any size of a man. It feels more rigid as well and has a Velcro neck closure and also uses poppers on the back to help keep it closed.

Some reviewers did state they thought the back was a little too short. It is not as long in the back as the others that I have reviewed but it is better quality.

So if like me you want to save money on family haircutting, then it is a good idea to invest a little money at the start and get yourself some decent equipment that will make the task a great deal easier.

Once you learn how to use clippers, and have good scissors, a neck brush and a cape, then you will be very well equipped to take on the task. We have also provided some great tips on how to do hair cutting in the home.

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