Most Expensive Shaving Brushes

If you can afford the luxury of a high quality shaving brush, then below I have put together a collection of top of the range shaving brushes. All of these are by high end shaving and grooming brands, and as you would expect they are of the highest quality.

There are many different priced shaving brushes. You can read about badger hair brushes by clicking here. Simpsons also make very good brushes and you can read about those by clicking here.

By clicking on this link you can get more help with picking the best shaving brush. In this article though we are simply reviewing the more expensive and high quality options.

Muhle Luxury Thuya Wood 3 Piece Gillette Mach3 Shaving Set with Silvertip Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Muhle Luxury Thuya Wood 3 Piece Gillette Mach3 Shaving Set with Silvertip Badger Hair Shaving BrushThis is a premium Silvertip badger hair shaving brush. It is made from a very rare wood, hence the price, known as Thuya wood.  This is as you can see a Mach3 but clearly of a very high quality.

It is made in Germany by the famous shaving brand Muhle, and as a shaving gift this would adorn the bathroom of any man. You get the stand, the brush and the razor.

The brush is extremely high quality and will create a great lather whether you are using a soap or a cream.

This entire set will cost in and around £200 and is top notch quality. It would be hard not to like this one.

Check it out at Amazon

Collezione Barbiere by Acqua Di Parma Shaving Brush

Collezione Barbiere by Acqua Di Parma Shaving BrushThis is a very high end brush from the Acqua di Parma brand. Almost everything about this brush is unique. I think you can see that even by looking at the very high end shaving brush holder.

I think it looks very cool and also very high quality.

Like the one mentioned above this one also uses a very unique wood style. In this case it uses what is called wenge wood. It is very like an African Rosewood and is a hard wearing and rather beautifully grained wood.

This one has been made by using the best Italian craftsmanship, and to be honest it does not get much better than that.

The stand is made from steel and has been designed for proper drying.

You can read more about this one over at Amazon

Simpsons Chubby 2 Super Badger Hair Shaving Brush With Imitation Ivory Handle

This is a classic style, known as the “Super” badger hair shaving brush and this one has an imitation ivory handle.

Simpsons Chubby 2 Super Badger Hair Shaving Brush With Imitation Ivory HandleLike the one above this is a different style of brush but also with an imitation ivory handle.

Simpsons are world renown for making the highest quality brushes. This is their chubby version and is classic in every sense of the word.

It uses badger hair which of course any good brush should be. This particular one has the highest grade of hair available, so as you can see it does not get any better than that.

It is very soft on the face and yet, thanks to the strength of the hair, it can push right up into the bristles, which helps prep them well for the blade.

In my opinion you can not buy a better shaving brush than that.

You Can Check this one out at Amazon UK

Haryali London (Safety Razor) Hand Assembled Classic Silver tip Badger Hair Brush Shaving Cream, Alum Block, Nose…

Haryali London shaving brushThis is a fantastic 10 piece luxury shaving set, that of course includes the shaving brush which is a Silvertip.

It also has a safety razor of high quality along with other accessories such as shaving cream, nose trimmer, nose scissors, tweezers, nail cutters, razor blades and all beautifully presented in an antique rosewood box.

As a gift, I think this would be a super thing to give and to receive.

This one is hand crafted in the United Kingdom and again uses the highest grade badger hair. A shaving set gift that is worth checking out for someone special.

You can check it here at Amazon

Muhle VIVO Plum Wood 4 Piece Double Edged Safety Razor Shaving Set with Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Muhle VIVO Plum Wood 4 Piece Double Edged Safety Razor Shaving Set with Pure Badger Hair Shaving BrushThis is probably my favourite of the high end shaving brushes, but it forms part of a really high quality set.

I think it looks amazing and this is one that I received as a gift and it is just top quality.

This one is from the German Muhle company and I do love all of their products, and this one is no exception. The stand, bowl, double edged safety razor and brush make a super looking and quality set.

I have to say that every time I see it and use it, it makes me smile.

I also love the warm colour of the plum wood and it is certainly unique.

Check it out at Amazon UK

Razor MD FX99 Black Shave Set

Razor MD FX99 Black Shave SetThis badger shave brush is very different to anything else that is out there. This set has been designed to work with the Gillette Fusion blades, and comes with a 5 blade razor. The stand and bowl are made from chrome.

This one has an interesting history and the brushes were designed to be better than anything else out there. The original idea came from a chemist in Brooklyn.

It isn’t one of my favourites but may be a good choice for any Fusion lovers out there.

It is certainly a little bit different. It is not one that I have seen or used before but other people are talking about it, so I thought I should include this one on my list.

You can check it out in more detail at Amazon.

If you would like to see a lit of more affordable shaving brushes, then please click here. If you are interested in shaving brushes for travel, then please click here.

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