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Dovo Straight Razor UK Reviews

We decided to do reviews of some of the best straight blade razors from the DOVO brand. These cut-throat razors from Dovo are well know for their style, and their high level of workmanship.

They have produced many high quality shaving products, and their straight blade razors are some of the best available.

Dovo formed as a company in 1906 in Solingen, Germany and was founded by two men, Mr Dorp and Mr Voos. From the outset, their main production was straight blade razors, so that is over 100 year's experience, in their manufacturing capability.

They progressed through and one of their companies is now the famous Merkur.
What we like about DOVO, is that they do a range of stylish razors, which are ideal for beginners and all the way to a range for seasoned shavers.

They also cover quite a large range of price points, so there is always something there for everyone. So in essence, almost anyone can buy a very stylish good quality straight blade razor, if they decide to do that.

DOVO produce shaving brushes, straight razors, strops, scissors and various shaving accessories. In this article though we look at the best straight razors for shaving that we rated as the highest. We hope you find these reviews useful.

Top 4 Buyer Rated Dovo Straight Razors

The top 4 Dovo razors are:

  1. Dovo of Solingen Bismarck 6/8 Cut Throat Straight Razor
  2. Dovo 5/8" INOX Olive Wood Straight Cut Throat Razor
  3. Dovo straight razor in black Cellidor
  4. Dovo Blue Shavette Disposable Blade Straight Razor

The first two are very expensive at well over £100. The third one isn't cheap either at around £60 and the most popular is the Blue Shavette which you can usually pick up for around £30. Let's have a look in more detail at each offering.

No 1 Choice - Dovo of Solingen Bismarck 6/8 Cut Throat Straight Razor

This one is very expensive as it has a full hollow ground blade. You will always pay more for a high quality fixed blade, that for a straight razor with disposable blades.

This is a beautiful razor but the price simply puts many people off buying this Dovo model. Buyers say the blade remains sharp, and as long as you look after it, the blade will last for a very long time.

No 2 Choice - Dovo 5/8" INOX Olive Wood Straight Cut Throat Razor

This is a very distinct looking olive wood razor that really does look the part.

This one is 5/8" and according to buyers the blade on this one is excellent. There is also a distinctive gold etching on the blade. It also comes in a very nice presentation box.

Buyers say the blade is sharp and very easy to strop.

Like all Dovo razors this one is made in Solingen in Germany.

No 3 Choice - Dovo Straight Razor in Black Cellidor

We dithered between this one and the next one on the list, but eventually agreed that this razor was our favourite.

For around £60, you get a really good quality razor, and we think this a is a great one for both beginners, and intermediate wet shavers.

This particular razor will accept any single edged, or any double edged razor blades.

It weighs just 68 grams. We think it looks great, certainly feels great in the hand and we know that is shaves like a treat.

As we mentioned earlier, this is a nice looking razor, and really good value for money.

Reviewers online think the same rating this with an impressive 90% buyer satisfaction rating, which is a very good score.

We also know that should you decide to try a straight blade razor, not just this one, then you will never go back to those horrid, over priced modern multi-blade razors with the very expensive replacement blades.

This one is also ideal for men with moustaches and side burns, as it makes really clean and accurate lines. This is also the one that we recommend for beginners to this kind of shaving. The blade on this one has rounded ends and that helps a lot with preventing nicks and cuts.

The rounded ends however have been carefully engineered, so they do not affect the sharpness of the blades. The blade is also made of carbon steel and that does make it a lot easier to sharpen.

No 4 Choice - Dovo Blue Shavette

Buyers of the blue shavette use this mainly when travelling. It is a perfect choice for anyone who is knew to cutthroat shaving, and wants to give it a go for the very first time.

You can use any normal razor blade with this one, and that makes it very cheap to replace blades.

Many buyers also use this one for neatly trimming sideburns, or for creating a very defined edge around a beard.

Overall buyers give this one a 78% satisfaction rating. This one comes with three plastic blade holders, a clear version for standard sized DE safety blades, and two for the Dovo Shavette blades.

Tips For Using A DOVO Razor

If you are new to straight razor shaving, it does take a little time and patience. Very few men will take a razor like this out of the box and do a perfect shave first time.

It is all about the angle which should be about 30° to the face. You never want a straight blade scraping against your face, and you don't want it flat either.

Then first shave in the direction the hair is growing (with the grain), and then repeat against the grain, making sure you use plenty of shaving soap or shaving cream on the skin.

Re-apply the soap or cream if necessary, and never shave skin with no cream on it. So, hopefully that will get you off to a good start.

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