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It is only when you go to purchase blades for your razor that you start to see the real cost of having a simple shave. Before we delve into some of the crazy prices, it is important to note that we are talking mainly about those guys who prefer a wet shave. For comparison purposes though we have also included electric razors.

The Electric Shaving Brigade

electric razorsThe majority of men use electric razors and will pay an average price of around £60 for their shaver. Typically those will last between 1-2 years as long as they are regularly cleaned and looked after.

If we assume that a guy gets about 2 years out of a razor, then the cost of his shave works out at about £1 a week if you consider the cost of the razor, the electricity used and any batteries that may be required.

That isn’t a bad price to keep looking good – £1 a week

Most people will buy and keep their razors for about 2 years before changing them. The more expensive the razor is then the longer they will tend to keep it. Many of the blades in these types of razors are self-sharpening so they will last a good length of time before they need changing.

The Wet Shaving Brigade

Then we have the wet shaving brigade and they break down into four types of wet shavers, which are:

  • The Cartridge Style
  • The Disposable Style
  • The Double Edged Style
  • The Straight Razor

So as you can see, not all wet shavers use the same methods.

It is safe to assume that all of them will use a shaving cream or a shaving soap of some kind, so we can use an average cost for that. It works out at about 50p a week or £25 a year.

The main cost will then be the initial cost of the razors plus any blade changes that are required. That is where this becomes interesting.

Disposable Razors

disposable razorsHere at the Emporium we hate these things but we have included them here because men use them, so it is important to see how much they cost.

A typical pack of 10 razors will cost around £4 and each razor is good for about 5 shaves. Therefore the cost of using these for a year is about £28 a year plus £25 for a cream or soap which in total then costs about £53 a year or yet again about £1 a week

As a general rule most men will use these when they are travelling, rather than as their main method of shaving. The blades on these are never the best and in our opinion, they are probably the worst method of shaving that you could ever do. These razors will scrape the skin and cause problems such as razor burn or razor bumps.

DE Razor Costs

de safety razorsA good quality DE razor will cost about £40 and will last easily for 10 years. Then you have to buy razor blades which cost around 20p a blade which will get you 5 shaves.

So in a year blades will cost you about £15 plus your soap or cream at £25 so in total £80 (cost of razor) or about £1.60p per shave.

This is a first year cost only though as in the second year it works out at 80p per shave. That will be the real cost for the next 9-10 years.

This is the method of shaving that we would recommend to all men. When you buy one of these then all you ever need to do is simply replace the razor blade. You do have the initial cost of the razor itself but these are available from as little as £20 for good quality.

Straight Razors

straight razorsThe price will be approximately the same if you use a straight razor that uses razor blades. A straight razor costs about £40 and you will use the same number of blades and the same cream as the DE razor above.

That is about £1.60 in the first year and then 80p a year after that.

However if you buy a fixed blade this cost will reduce to about 50p a year as you will not have to buy blades. You will however need to buy a leather strop to sharpen the blade so the cost will come back up to around 80p a shave. That is still very good though.

These come in two types which is either a fixed blade that will need sharpening with a strop, or one where you attach a standard razor blade.

Cartridge Style Shaving

cartridge shavingNow we come to a popular choice for many men which is the cartridge option. These are razors like the Gillette Mach, the Gillette Fusion and products of this nature.

These cost on average £20 to buy and you will get the razor plus 12 blades. A pack of 8 blades then costs about £16.

Each blade will get you 5 shaves.

The cost will be £20 initially and then you will need another 8 packs of blades at £16 each so total cost for razor and blades works out at £148 plus cream at £25 which is £173 or about £3.33 a week.

So although this is the most popular choice for many guys it is three times more expensive than any other method. There are very few people who realise that. For us though it is not just about the cost. We also believe strongly here that a DE razor gives you a way better shave than one of these cartridge style options.

Summary of Shaving Costs

  • Electric – £1 a week
  • Disposable – £1 a week
  • DE Safety – £1.60 a week in first year and then 80p a week after that
  • Straight – £1.60 a week in first year and then 80p a week after that
  • Cartridge – £3.33 a week

There are of course a number of variants that would change these costs. For example you could get longer from your electric razor before needing to change it. The cost of your initial purchase of a DE or straight razor could be cheaper or more expensive than the average. Taking all of that into consideration though the cost of electric shaving and wet shaving is approximately the same.

The one that stands out as being the most expensive is the cartridge and yet it remains one of the most popular.

For us at the Emporium we put the quality of the shave as our number one priority. That will always be either a DE or a straight razor shave, so now at least you know those choices will not cost you the earth. In fact, over time they will actually save you a lot of money and it is way more fun that any other form of shaving.

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