Braun LS 5560 Silk&Soft Ladyshaver lila UK Review

In this article we review, the Braun LS5560 ladyshaver. With an average RRP of around £45, we think that this is a considerable investment. With that in mind we take a really close look, at this shaver, to see how effective it really is.

As means of an introduction this is a cordless shaver, which is also washable. That means you can use it in the shower if you wish. You can use it to shave your legs, bikini line and any other sensitive areas.

Braun LS 5560 Ladyshaver Review

You can see from the image above, that it looks pretty good. That is always good to see, however, here at the Emporium, we are much more concerned, if it does a good job of hair removal.

After all that is what buying one of these is for. With that in mind, let's take a closer look.

Where Can You Buy the Braun LS 5560?

You can buy this product at the usual High Street retailers such as Boots and Debenhams. When we checked we did find it slightly cheaper online at various online stores such as Amazon.

That said, there are always offers on this type of product, and they vary on a daily basis. It is always worthwhile to have a quick look around to get the best value. 

Braun LS 5560 Brief Specification

We try not to bore our readers with technical data that is not that important. However we always think there are important elements and features to fully understand.

As such, we have captured those below, so as you have a better understanding of what is important to know, before deciding to buy this one.


This is a cordless shaver, so no need to worry about any trailing leads. It also makes this one portable, and as long as it is charged, a perfect travelling companion.

With a full charge you get 40 minutes running time.

Can Be Used All Over the Body

Some electric shavers can be rather harsh. This one uses a floating foil and it also has a trimmer. The head has rounded tips, so no sharp edges digging into the skin.

That makes it ideal for any sensitive areas like under the armpits.

The floating allows the head to move, and as such, it allows the shaver to follow the contours of the body, ensuring no areas are missed.

Braun LS 5560 Silk&Soft Ladyshaver lila

Useful Accessories

You get three useful attachments with this shaver. Those include:

  1. A bikini trimmer - an extended trimmer, which is excellent for precise trimming right down to 4 mm.
  2. An attachment for exfoliation - this allows the skin to feel revitalised, and at the end extremely smooth.
  3. An Optishave attachment for close and effective shaving - this helps stretch the skin, especially on the legs, and that allows hairs to be lifted and quickly trimmed.
Braun LS 5560 Silk&Soft Ladyshaver lila accessories

What Buyers Say About the Braun Silk&Soft Ladyshaver lila

The good news is that buyers have given this lila model, an average buyer satisfaction rating of 94%.

That is an excellent rating by any standards. It should give you plenty of confidence, that you are buying a high quality shaver.

Almost every single person who has bought this rates it very highly. One person did complain about a postal issue, but not about the shaver.

Buyer Satisfaction Rating

Our Verdict on the Braun LS 5560 Shaver

We always look hard for any negatives, and we did this time. We just couldn't find any and that is always a good sign. This is not a cheap purchase, but those who have made the plunge, rate what they have bought very highly indeed.

However, if this is not the right one fr you, then why not check out our top 5 list of lady's shavers, by clicking here.

Having read all of the reviews, we are impressed. After all a 94% buyer satisfaction rate should not be ignored.

We like the fact that it is cordless, washable and most importantly, does a really good shaving job. When you add to that, the fact that this one has all the correct attachments, then overall we think it is very good value for money.

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