Best Shaving Stand and Bowl

shaving bowl and stand

In our opinion, there is nothing quite like a shaving stand and bowl, to really show off your dedication to the art of wet shaving. We think it looks good in your bathroom, an en-suite if you have one, or even sitting on your dressing table.

The stand as you probably know typically holds two items of shaving equipment, your shaving brush and your safety razor.

We think it just adds a touch of class, and when you add a nice shaving bowl, or shaving mug to this, you pretty much have the complete shaver’s kit.

Have a look at the picture below as that will give you a much better sense of what we actually mean by this. Having the right stand also ensures that your brush is allowed to dry properly, and that is essential and will certainly help prolong its life.

best shaving stand and bowl

Classic Shaving Stand That Holds a DE Razor and Shaving Brush

The one pictured above is from the Executive Shaving Company and it is chrome plated, and compatible with different types of razors and brushes. We also happen to think that it looks pretty good.

Benefits of A Shaving Stand and Bowl

As we have mentioned we think it just looks good, but it also has some pretty obvious practical benefits and uses. The bowl is ideal for making your lather, as it can be made in the bowl, which can then be quickly cleaned.

All shaving brushes need to be dried out, and by simply attaching your brush to the stand, it can drip dry nicely into the bowl below. No more drips where you don’t want them!

So it is somewhere both to keep your brush, and also let it dry properly which will increase its lifespan, and prevent bristles from falling out. A brush should always be hung to dry, with the bristles pointing downwards.

That will stop water collecting where the hairs meet the handle. It is especially important if the handle of the brush is made of wood.

Then of course you have somewhere to put your razor and keep it altogether. This particular one is good for safety razors, straight razors and also many of the fusion razors and even the Mach3.

Always Check Your Brush Size

This stand will take brush sizes of up to 25 mm, which is ideal for medium and large size brushes. This is important to check though before purchasing this or any other type of stand.

Different razors will have different lengths, and brushes may have short, medium or long handles. The distance from where the brush or razor will hang to the bottom of the stand itself, is the key measurement.

Stand For Shaving Razor Set With Bowl

Stand for Shaving razor set with bowlThis is another set, which almost looks the same, but some people prefer it to the one above. This one is from a company called Korium.

Once again it has a chrome finish and looks pretty good. Unfortunately they give you no information about the actual size of this item, nor do they tell you what size of brush it can cater for.

For us that is a bit like buying in the dark. We have written to them and asked for this information but as yet have not had a reply.

We included it for the simple reason that people who did buy this, really liked the look of it.

Check Availability on Amazon

Number One Choice For Shaving Stand and Bowl

Edwin Jagger Gillette Mach 3 Shaving Gift SetIf you had to pick just one combination of a stand and bowl, then we think it should be this one. That is based on tremendous value for money, appearance and quality.

It is just under £60, but for what you actually get, this beats out the competition by a very long way. It is from Edwin Jagger, one of the leading shaving companies in the world today, based in England.

This set would look great in any bathroom and gives you that 5 star hotel feel almost instantly. Have a look at the picture yourself and hopefully you will see what we mean by this.

You get four pieces in this set:

  1. Stand
  2. Bowl
  3. Brush
  4. Razor

It is that wonderful traditional ivory colour and it looks amazing we think. You will know if you have read our other articles that we are not fans of the Mach3. The razor included in this is an ivory Mach3, and if you insist on using one of these, then it may as well look like this. The shaving brush is top quality and made from pure badger hair.

Then the actual stand and bowl are made from brushed nickel. If you are new to shaving, then what a great new entrant set this makes. We also think it makes for a great gift for the man in your life. So if you are stuck for an idea on what to get a guy for a birthday or Christmas, then this would make a really good and practical gift set.

Check Availability at Amazon

Here is what one reviewer said about this set;

Lovely looking set, good quality. Husband loved it and really pleased with his gift. Edwin Jagger favourite make and replaces a well used older model.

The people who bought this one loved it and they rate it overall over at 86% buyer satisfaction, which is very impressive. There is a similar looking one in black, which you can view by clicking here.

So hopefully this gives you a sense of what is out there when it comes to the combination of a shaving bowl and stand. There are of course plenty of other combos out there. Some people prefer the more traditional shaving mug, and although I like those as well, I have shifted to the bowl as I think it looks better, and it is a lot easier to keep clean.

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