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best shaving mirrorMen generally tend to make do when it comes to using a mirror. They will generally use whatever is in and about the house. However having a good quality mirror when shaving is we think, one of the most over looked shaving accessories.

You may well be aware that when it comes to make-up, the ladies will have a top quality mirror in the home, as well as a few others they carry about.

Do you think for one second that they would put a blade anywhere near their face without having really clear vision of what they were doing? For some reason many men do and we think that is just wrong.

Your average guy tends to lather up, and then arch their neck into almost impossible positions, just to see what they are trying to do. For around £10-15 you can certainly put an end to all of that, and at last have a nice close up view, of exactly what needs shaved and what does not.

These are not an expensive purchase and rather than make do with whatever is available in the bathroom, we suggest that you treat yourself to something that has been designed for the specific purpose. There is a good range to pick from as you will see below.

shaving mirror for men

Shaving Mirror Guide

There are plenty of good quality shaving mirrors to pick from and they range in price from around £5-25 with an average price of about £10. You really only need a few things from a mirror to make your shaving experience a heck of a lot easier. These are:

  • The actual size of the mirror
  • Some type of magnification
  • True image reflection
  • A means of easy viewing – some form of adjustment

After it ticks all those boxes, then it just comes down to the look and design that you like the best. The good news is that there are plenty of manufacturers that make these, so you will always have plenty of choice. Below I have listed the top 10 rated shaving mirrors that are just perfect for shaving.

One complaint we regularly here at the Emporium, is that many mirrors cloud up, as a lot of men tend to shave immediately after a shower. We have therefore included a couple of fogless shower mirrors that don’t mist over, and they get really good reviews.

We hope that you find the list useful and informative. Always check the size of the mirror though as many men buy one that is just too small.

These also make great stocking fillers at Christmas and are ideal for a small gift on other occasions.

Best Shaving Mirror

Here we look at what we believe to be the top shaving mirrors available in the market right now. We have used our own ratings scored out of 100. Please note that by clicking on the product link, you will be taken to the Amazon UK product page.
Shaving Mirror NameSizeColourOur Rating Out of 100Description
Luxury Extending shaving mirror from Edwin Jagger20 cm x 20 cm squareFull Chrome98Crazy price but absolute luxury and the utmost in quality. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford this one, then this is the one to buy.
8 Inch Wall Mounted Shaving Mirror8" in diamaterChrome Plated96A stylish mirror with a polished chrome stand. One side has 2x magnification.
Danielle Wall Mounted Chrome Extending Mirror 16.5 cm diameter16.5 cm diameter extends to 64 cm long
94Wall mounted as you would see in many hotels. Can be extended and although expensive you get what you pay for. Mirror has normal view and a 5x magnification.
Sabichi Vegas Modern Pedestal Shaving Mirror14 cm x 0.5 cm x 14 cmChrome92Large free standing chrome plated shaving mirror. Tilts a full 360 degrees. Base masures 14 cm by 14 cm and total height is 37 cm. Extremely high ratings
Danielle 5x Magnification 11.5 cm Diameter Shaving Mirror
17 cm x 10 cm x 13 cm
Silver88Two sided mirror with 5x magnification on one side
Blue Canyon Free Standing Shaving Mirror17 cm in diameterChrome88A good value product two sided mirror in a nice chrome finish.
Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror9.5" x 7.5" x 1.5"Chrome84Uses LED lights for illumination.
Deluxe Shave Well Fog Free Shower Mirror13.3 cm x 0.3 cm x 17.3 cmPlastic80Great shower shave mirror that does not fog up. Sticks to the wall.
SIBEL Small folding shaving mirror13cm x 0.5cm x 17 cmSilver78This folding shaving mirror is ideal for travelling and use on holidays, boats, trucks, caravans and camping.
Round Swivel Bathroom Shaving Mirror31 cm x 19 cm x 13 cm
Nice sized sturdy bathroom mirror that needs a quick assembly. Most buyers like it.

Please note that you can click on the images to read more detailed reviews on Amazon from actual buyers. You can also click on the table to sort in a different format depending on what you are looking for.

Fogless Shaving Mirrors

These were first introduced a few years back and quite rightly they got bad press. They were not that well made and either didn’t work, or continually would not stick to the wall.

The manufacturers have rectified these problems now and as you can see, they are now getting much better reviews. I have used these myself and they work fine. They are really useful for people who like to shower and shave.

Recommendations For Shaving and Picking A Mirror

So if you are a guy who likes to shower and shave, a fogless mirror is the ideal choice we believe. If you are a man who likes to use a straight razor, then we would recommend highly using an extendable mirror with magnification. That is one type of shaving when you need to see exactly what you are doing.

We would also advise men who use safety razors to use this type of mirror as well. We appreciate that those are usually more expensive, but even though they are, you get many years of use from them and they actually make shaving a lot easier.

The standard base or pedestal mirrors are fine for other types of shaving. As long as they can swivel and are two-sided with at least 2-3 times magnification then these work really well.

Unusual Shaving Mirrors

Perhaps the word unusual is not the right word but we thought we would add some user specific shaving mirrors to this article so as you would be able to see the full range of mirrors available.

Mirror for Campers and Hikers

As a camper and hiker myself this one certainly caught my eye. I did buy it and it is really very good. For under £10, I wanted something that I could stick in my backpack without fear of it getting broken. When I saw this one advertised as an “unbreakable mirror” and from a company like Shavewell, I was intrigued.

It measures 4″ wide and 6″ tall and weighs less than 2 ounces which certainly ticks the size and weight boxes for hiking. The reflection on this was my biggest concern to be honest, but I found no problems with this one at all.

Hopefully I will never need to use this for signalling, but it would also do that job as well. The makers said it was fog free in the shower so I checked that out and it is.

It also comes with a small chain for hanging it up. I am glad that I bought this one and it is great for campers and hikers alike. so far I have not managed to break it.

Travel Mirror

This is another product from Shavewell and is their version of the fog free travel mirror. Two of the guys who do a lot of camping in the South of France bought this one.

They both travel around various camp sites with their families and they both use fogless mirrors when at home. They wanted something similar when travelling on holidays and Shavewell released this product.

They were probably the first two to buy this product and both of them rate it very highly indeed. Again like the one above it is unbreakable and an ideal size for travelling.

Both of the guys here at the Emporium, who are pretty hard to please, really liked this product. They both did also say it is not as good as the one they used at home. That said, they did realise that the one they had at home would not be that handy for travelling so this worked out as a pretty good balance.

Shaving Mirror for Travelling

This one measures 15.2 cm x 10.2 cm x 0.3 cm so a nice travel size indeed. It uses a suction cup to hold it to the wall which can then be quickly removed. That in turn leaves both hands free for applying your shaving soap or cream, and for doing the actual shaving.

As we find other products like these we will continue to update them here. If you have heard of any others please leave your thoughts in the comments below, and we will have a look at them. We trust that you have found this article on the best shaving mirrors useful and helpful.

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