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There are any number of brands that sell shaving cream, but which is the best type of cream, to give you a really close shave? I think it is pretty fair to say the most guys when starting out, will simply grab any cream or soap from the shelf and just  try it out.

They really will not give much, if indeed any, genuine consideration to which my be the best for them. That is not a criticism by the way as not many men will really understand which one is better than the other.

There are however a number of factors that may help in making a better selection so let’s have a look at those.

Skin Type

This is always the single most important thing to consider when it comes to buying a shaving cream. There are different types of skin and some guys have sensitive skin, others have really tough bristles, some guys may suffer from acne or spots, and others may have oily or greasy skin. Those need to be treated differently.

Cream Ingredients

a close shaveManufacturers and brands will use different ingredients in their products. These ingredients are what will touch your face and neck (and any other bits) so you need to be sure that they do not make your skin react in the wrong way.

It is always worth remembering that the most important thing that a cream will do is to offer protection to the skin.

That is its prime purpose so as when a blade starts to cut the hairs, it will not damage or injure the skin.

So as you can see, the type of skin you have is vital to understand, as then you can select a cream with the most protective ingredients. Many guys want a really close shave, and especially so for a big event like a job interview, a first date, a wedding or some big occasion.

When opting for a shave of this nature I would actually recommend going to a barber’s shop and getting it done right. However, if you want to do this at home, then that is still possible as long as you use the right shaving equipment.

Dry Skin

Anything that is glycerin based works well for those who have dry skin. It is very easy to scrape drier skins with a blade so if the cream also contains, aloe, coconut or Vitamin E, then this can offer both protection and also help sooth the skin after the shave has been completed.

The product that you pick should both protect the skin and also soothe it afterwards. So anything that adds some moisture is ideal for this skin type.

Sensitive Skin

Many men also have sensitive skin but that is not quite the same as having dry skin. Some men have normal enough skin but it is simply more sensitive to shaving than others. So the cream that is best suited for that will offer more protection than actually soothing the skin afterwards.

It is a small but important difference. For example sensitive skin should not have a scented cream used on them as that can cause irritation.

Oily or Greasy Skin Types

As you can imagine this skin of type needs to have a mild stringent type applied. Oily skin tends to clog up a razor so you want to be sure that the cream is not prone to clogging. You should also rinse the razor more often between shaving strokes. Any type of water based moisturiser works well for this skin type.


A straight razor will always give the closes shave but needs some practise. If you can do that then great, but if you have not used one before then stick with a DE Safety razor as that will give you great results as well.

Whichever razor you choose the right cream is very important so let’s have a look at which of these will give you the best protection, and allow you go for that very smooth look.

My Preferred Cream For Close Shaving

taylor of old bond street shaving creamThere are plenty to select from so I had to narrow this down to the one that I am convinced is the best. It offers great protection to all skin types and comes in a variety of different scents that also gives us a little bit of choice. This one is from a company called “Taylor of Old Bond Street and it is a very good product.

As I mentioned it comes in a few different types:

  • Sandalwood – is good for sensitive skin
  • Coconut – good for dry skin
  • Sensitive Skin known as Jermyn Street – designed specifically for sensitive skin
  • Lemon & Lime – good for oily skin
  • Grapefruit – good for oily skin

So as you can see there are a few choices to be had with this product. All of them rate a massive 4.7 out of 5 stars by buyers over at the UK Amazon website. They have sold in their thousands and continue to be a very popular shave for guys who like to have the closest of shaves.

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They come in tubs of 150 ml and can cost anything between £7.50-10 depending on which one you go for. My own favourite would be the traditional Sandalwood. That is because it has a verl light fragrance that I find traditional.

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