Best Nose Hair Trimmer

best nose hair trimmers

Have you ever seen those men with hairs growing out of their nose? What’s that all about I ask you? With a simple trimmer this problem can be removed forever. Now personally I have never understood why men just allow hairs to grow from their nose.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not an area where you want to be pushing scissors into, but there are other means to get rid of it.

best nose hair trimmer

The hair in this picture is not too bad, but I am sure you have seen some guys, with what resembles a forest sprouting from their nose and even their ears. In this day and age, we think there is just no need for this.

However, before we show you how to do that easily, let’s deal with a few myths that seem to abound about nose and ear hair.

Does Nose Hair Have A Purpose?

It most certainly does and it helps provide a line of defense against environmental spores, germs and fungus. You most probably know that the air we breathe will contain a variety of particles, some good and some bad. The hairs on the nose act as a first filter of those air particles.

So before we start to look at trimming nose hair, we want to to let you know that we are talking here about trimming and not waxing, or complete removal of nasal hair. There is a very important difference.

In addition to the filtering process, nose hair adds a little humidity to the air that we intake. This then helps with our overall respiratory system, so we need this hair for that purpose.

Older Men and Nasal Hair

Generally speaking, when we start to get to the 40 year age mark, this is when both nose and ear hair, start to look more pronounced. It is perfectly safe to use a trimmer, or even rotary clippers to keep this hair in check.

Many people think that they have to shove a trimmer right up into their nostrils, or deep into their ears to get the job done.

You never need to do that, nor should you do that. We are simply talking about keeping the nasal hair growth, or ear hair growth in check. Rather than have a forest protruding from these orifices, we simply want to keep them neat and tidy looking.

Hair Plucking

You probably know that women regularly pluck their eyebrows and we have read on many Internet sites, that it is safe to pluck both nose and ear hair. Not only should you never do this as it can cause ingrown hairs and infection, but it is just downright painful.

Why pluck hairs with tweezers, when you can simply give them a quick one minute trim about once a month. That makes the process short, sweet and effective.

So just remember that you should never attempt to completely remove either nose hair or hair that grows in the ears. Trimming is perfectly fine and avoid plucking at all costs.

If You Trim It Will Grow Thicker & Faster?

A myth and one that is simply not true. The speed at which our hair grows is in the main genetic. Irrespective of how often you trim or cut hair, it will always grow back at its natural rate.

Hopefully so far, we have helped people to understand, that there is a nice balance to be had between keeping nasal hair under control, and the necessity to allow Mother Nature to do its work naturally.

So what are the best nose hair trimmers out there right now? Let’s have a look and we will review those by the best rated benchmark.

Like most products here, we like to do these by using a top 10 list which you can find below. On average these cost around £10, so not too bad a price for something that does a really good job.

These will do both nasal and ear hair, so never any need to buy two. They are also pretty effective for trimming bushy eyebrows as well.

The number of reviews and the average rating is taken from people who have bought the products at Amazon, and then taken the time to leave a review. The price guide is as follows:

£ = less than £5

££ = £6-10

£££ = 11-20

££££ is greater than £20

Top 10 List of Best Rated Nose Hair Trimmers

Product NameOur Average Rating Out of 100
Panasonic ER-GN30 Nose & Facial Hair Battery Trimmer90
Panasonic Vacuum Wet/Dry Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer90
Groom Mate Platinum XI Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer84
Babyliss for Men 7051BU 3 in 1 Hygienic Trimmer84
Philips NT9110 Nose Hair Trimmer82
Paul Anthony Nose Clipper and Trimmer82
WAHL 5545-427 3 in 1 Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Hair Battery Trimmer80
Remington NE5 Hygienic Clipper Nose, Ear Hair Trimmer80
Remington NE3350 Angled Hygienic Trimmer76
Signature S434 Nose Trimmer76

The majority of these are priced at around the £6-12 price point, and as you can see, some sell a whole lot better than others. Here at the Emporium we think the first two on the list above are the best. They are good quality products and we also think they are great value for the money.

Scissors For Trimming Nose & Ear Hair

Now, we mentioned earlier that some people still prefer to use what are called “rounded head scissors” to trim their nasal hair. These are simply scissors that are very sharp, however the ends of the scissors have been rounded, and that is what provides a big degree of safety.

The ones we have shown here are made from stainless steel, and for around £1, they are good enough quality. They have slightly curved blades to help deal with the inner shape of the nostrils.

With ordinary nail scissors the points can easily produce little nicks and cause bleeding. With these this will not happen, and that is what makes the safe to use.

Like anything it does take a little bit of practise to get the knack of these, but you will after a short period of time. We would still prefer the trimmers, but for those who prefer scissors, these are a decent alternative. There are some people who just don’t like a vibrating trimmer anywhere near their nose.

There are higher end stainless steel options such as the ones we have pictured to the left. These are from a company called Premax, and they are very high quality. These cost around £16 though and we thought that was a bit expensive. The bottom line is that you are buying better quality, and you just have to pay for that.

They are made in Italy, from high quality stainless steel and then mirror polished. You can use these on all facial hair including moustaches, beards, nasal, ear and even sideburns. So at least you know there are a few alternatives. Personally we would recommend a nose hair trimmer rather than scissors, as they are just easier to use and all you need is a battery.

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