Best Moisturisers for Men

I know that back in the day very few men, if any at all, would have ever put moisturiser on their faces, or on their bodies. Moisturising was exclusively something that women did and not men. That has now changed of course and almost all men today will moisturise their skin on a highly regular basis.

Why Men Should Moisturise?

It is important to do this to stop the skin from dehydrating or drying out. This is especially true when we start to enter the winter months in the UK. Many guys suffer from dry skin especially around the face and neck, and this can cause the skin to feel very irritated.

What many men still do not fully understand is that before applying a moisturiser, it is also important to cleanse fully first. This can be done by using a good skin cleanser or an exfoliator.

By using these first, they do a really good job on removing grease, oil and dirt from the skin. Once that has been completed, then by applying a good moisturiser, the skin can then be maintained in a very healthy way. So let’s have a look at the rated moisturisers for men, currently available in the UK market for guys.

Bulldog Original Moisturiser

Bulldog Original Moisturiser for menThis one remains a firm favourite with the men. The product shown here is of course the moisturiser, but the company Bulldog, do a whole range of skin care products for men, that include facial washes and scrubs, shower gels and after shave balms.

If you have never tried them out before, then they are worth a closer look.

What buyers like most about this product range, and in particular the moisturiser is that it is not greasy after it has been applied, and dries in pretty quickly. So when you have had a shave, then this is the ideal time to apply this, and allow it to soak into your skin, which it will do pretty quickly.

You can then splash on your after shave and be good to go. The other main advantage that many men state is that it does not leave that shiny look on your face. There is of course a huge difference between a healthy glow, and a shine that makes you face look a bit over the top.

This one also has a nice masculine and light fragrance.

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Nivea Men Rehydrating Moisturiser

NIVEA Men Rehydrating Moisturiser When you discuss men’s skin care products, then almost always Nivea will have a product available in the market. In this case, I think their best one is the Rehydrating Moisturiser, which is getting some pretty rave reviews.

This one costs around £7 for a pack of 2 (75ml) which we think is really good value for money.

It contains aloe vera, so this one is especially good for any men who have sensitive skin.

It is best applied after shaving or after you have had a shower and works really well on all types of dry skin.

It absorbs really quickly and many guys like to use it because it is scent free, and that allows them to also use their favorite after shave without any risk of conflicting scents.

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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for Men

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Men's LotionThis one was designed specifically for men with rough or dry skin. It gets very high ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars and buyers do seem to really love using this product. Simply based on the reviews, I bought this one myself and tried it out.

Now the first thing I liked about this one was the pump action on the bottle itself. On many other products you have to squeeze the life out of a plastic container. This simple pump action makes getting the moisturiser out as simple as it gets.

There is a scent to this, not much really, and a slight floral accent is the best way I could describe it. After a few seconds I barely noticed it but it is a pleasant scent.

It does dry in quickly and I like that a lot and overall I can see why people like this product so much. I certainly did and it is not greasy and that is a must for me. I have a tendency to get dry skin on my feet and legs, and so far this product has kept that at bay.

I will be buying more of it and personally I think the 4.7 out of 5 star rating is well justified.

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Body Butter

Body Butter - Best for Normal, Dry, Sensitive SkinYou may have heard of the term body butter, and you may also be familiar with Aloe Vera. Both are very good and natural products, that are ideal for those men with sensitive skin.

This particular product is getting some rave reviews and many guys are starting to buy and use this product on a regular basis.

We all know that the weather, and particularly the sun, does untold damage to the skin. If you happen to have fair or sensitive skin, then it is even more damaging to you.

I personally suffer a lot from heat rash when in the sun, and the only way you can get relief, and also protection is to use certain types of product like Aloe Vera. The products so need to be natural and that means no additives.

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