5 Best Lip Balms for Men On the UK Market

There are lots of men who suffer from dry or chapped lips. One great way to combat against that, is to use a lip balm.

Most men suffer from this problem even more in the winter months. With the onset of the cold UK weather, the lips come under the most stress. The best thing that you can do, is to keep them moisturised.

A lip balm is easy to carry around, and can provide relief in a very short space of time. There are however a few other things that you can do, and we will cover those off later in this article.

For now though, have a look at what you came here to find out about, which is the best lip balms for men, currently available on the UK marketplace.

Top 5 Rated Lip Balms for Men

We have put these together in a quick comparison table so as you can see at a glance what is available. We have included the product name, an average RRP, and a buyer satisfaction rating.

Just be aware that prices vary on a daily basis, and on where you make your purchase, so always check before buying

Underneath that, we have done a summary review on each lip balm product.

Lip Balm Name

Average RRP

Satisfaction Rating

EOS Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm



Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lip Balm



Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF25



Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Lip Care



Gentlemen's Lip Repair by The Revered Beard.



By far, the most popular choice, and best selling product is the Burt's Bees, and that is primarily down to the keen price point. As promised though, here are the more detailed reviews on each lip balm.

No 1 Lip Balm Choice - EOS Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

no 1 rated lip balm for men
Value for Money

Buyers rated this one the highest for overall satisfaction and value for money. The one just below does sell a lot more, but that is mainly down to price.

This lip balm is 95% organic and contains Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. It glides over the lips and leaves a clear finish. It has a nice scent and taste to it, and according to buyers keeps this lips smooth for a very long time.

No 2 Lip Balm Choice - Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lip Balm

no 2 rated lip balm for men
Value for Money

This is by light years the biggest selling lip balm in the UK. As the name would suggest it contains Bee wax, and also contains Vitamin E and a little peppermint oil.

What we think is really good about this one is that the small tube fits in your pocket, and that means you can use it anytime and in any place. That does make it very convenient.

It is also the cheapest one that we could fine on the market, and buyers do rate it highly at 88% buyer satisfaction. This one also has a nice taste to it and leaves you with a nice refreshing tingle.

No 3 Lip Balm Choice - Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF25

no 3 rated lip balm for men
Value for Money

The Jack Black brand make a number of interesting male grooming products. This one is of course their lip balm. This one includes an important SPF25 factor, which helps protect lips from the sun and wind.

That would make this one a good choice for men on summer holidays, or for those exposed to outdoor activity on a regular basis. In fact the manufacturer states that this one has been field tested in extreme conditions and has been very effective.

It also provides an instant relief, so worth considering for that alone.

No 4 Lip Balm Choice - Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Lip Care

no 4 rated lip balm for men
Value for Money

Neutrogena are of course a very popular choice for many skin care products. It is no big surprise to see they make a good quality lip balm. This one has an interesting ingredient which is the Nordic berry, a Scandinavian super fruit.

It has been developed in conjunction with dermatologists. The key difference with this one, compared to the others, is that one application does last a very long time.

That would make it a good choice if you tend to be forgetful.

No 5 Lip Balm Choice - Gentlemen's Lip Repair by The Revered Beard

no 5 rated lip balm for men
Value for Money

This one looks like a kick back to another era. I really d love the look of this old tin style. This one actually has a whiskey taste to it, so if you fancy that, this would make an interesting choice.

I included this one on the list, as buyers still rate it pretty highly, but I think it make a great stocking filler, or a novelty gift. It is also very clearly a male choice for a lip balm.

Tips for Moisturising the Lips


We mentioned earlier, that we would add some tips for keeping the lips naturally soft. Now although lip balms offer pretty quick relief for irritating chapped and dry lips, there are some other things that you can do.

Skin has a natural external layer that is essentially a waterproof barrier. Lips don't have that, and that makes them very sensitive to any type of moisture loss.

Most men's lips will only start to dry out in very hot conditions, very cold conditions and very windy conditions. The best way to think of this is, the weather extremes.

Tip 1

In these more severe conditions, it is a really good idea to drink more water, than you usually do. Keeping the body better hydrated, also really helps keep the lips hydrated.

Tip 2

We know that this one is not easy, but try if you can, not to lick your lips. in many ways it is like scratching a spot, it just makes the condition worse. The saliva in our mouth, and on our tongue breaks down any protection the lips naturally produce.

Tip 3

The ones that I have shown on the list all contain the right ingredients that lip balms should. I would strongly suggest having one with an SPA factor, especially if you are in the sun.

Lip cancer is getting all too common, as is skin cancer. In the UK, we do a pretty poos job at protecting our skin from the sun. Men are much bigger culprits than women, when it comes to skin care.

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