Best Hair Clipper UK Reviews 2017

In this article we review the best hair clippers for men that are currently available in the UK market. Many men who used to spend a lot of money at the barber or hairdresser, have now opted to do it at home.

Thanks to some of the best hair clippers now becoming available to the general public, this is now possible. Many families are also using professional style hair clippers to save spending so much money at the barbers.

In days gone past, some of the attempts, at producing these type of hair cutting products for home use was pretty poor. That is no longer the case, as the clippers available right now, are high professional quality, and identical to those used in the well established hairdressing salons.

Those changes by the manufacturers now bring many guys the opportunity to create the look they want to have, but in the comfort of their own home.

This is a long article, and we realise that you may not have time to read all of this. In our opinion, the best hair clippers currently available in the UK market are the Remington HC5035 Colour Cut Hair Clippers.

They cost under £15, and are especially useful as they come with colour combs for easy blade selection, and the blades are self-sharpening.

What Are The Best Brand of Hair Clippers To Buy?

When you see brand names like Wahl, Panasonic  , Remington Babyliss and Philips in this market, then you know that we are talking about quality. It is not just men who are now saving a lot of money by cutting their own hair. Families are also now enjoying the benefits of being able to use these.

bowl haircut

Now, I am NOT talking about the days gone past, where your Dad would place a bowl on your head, and end up leaving their sons look like frightened monks. (I was one of those, and more than once)

The good news is that those days are now a long and distant memory. With the arrival of these new hair clippers, you really do have complete and full control.

You will know, if you have read much of our website here, at the Shaving Emporium , that we like our top ten lists.

That is why we are pleased to bring you another with the top 10 list of the best hair clippers, that are currently available in the UK.

We hope that you find it useful and informative. As and when these change in the market place, we will of course update the list so as you are always up to date with only the best choices.

The good news is that hair clippers are not that expensive and there will be a set available to suit all family budgets.

Top 10 Buyer Rated Hair Clippers in the UK

There are around 200 different models of hair clippers in the UK. We have narrowed those down to the top 10. This is based on two things, a high buyer rating, and the best value for money.

This table is updated on a weekly basis, so as it is always current and up to date.

If you click on the product name, you will go to Amazon UK, where you can read the buyer reviews. If you prefer, we have done a summary review of each of these hair clippers, underneath the table.​

Best Hair Clipper Summary Reviews

No 1 Choice - Remington HC5035 Colour Cut Hair Clipper Review

no 1 rated hair clippers
  • Steel self sharpening blades
  • Nine colour combs for easy grade selection - makes life easy and avoids mistakes
  • The tips of the blades are comfortable so no digging into the skin or nipping
  • Taper Lever (o.5 - 2 mm)
  • Clippers come with scissors, a comb, a neck brush and a cleaning brush

Typical Buyer Quote

This clipper set is an absolute bargain. It is built well and looks and feels very professional

No 2 Choice -Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Hair Clipper Review

no 2 rated hair clipper
  • Design enables sideburns and neck area to be cut easily
  • Nine fixed combs (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 15 mm)
  • Cordless with quick charge
  • 40 minutes run time

Typical Buyer Quote

The holy grail. A trimmer that you can use and trust that there isn't a clump left at the back

No 3 Choice -Sminiker Quiet Hair Clippers Review

no 3 rated Hair Clippers
  • Best hair clippers for children and babies
  • Titanium blade combining with the ceramic movable blade for efficient and long term cutting.
  • Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design -helps kids and babies feel at ease, not afraid of a haircut any more.
  • R shaped rounded edge design prevents from accidentally hurting skin.

Typical Buyer Quote

Quiet and smooth and after 5 months still provide an efficient and even cut.

No 4 Choice -Wahl Elite Pro Main Hair Clipper Kit Review

no 4 rated hair clippers
  • Self-sharpening blades stay sharp to easily cut all hair types
  • Metal clip guide combs for smooth and easy haircutting
  • Adjustable taper lever gives multiple cutting lengths without changing attachment combs
  • Offers cutting lengths from 0.8 mm up to 25 mm

Typical Buyer Quote

Excellent product very well made! Would recommend highly.

No 5 Choice -Philips DIY Hair Clipper QC5570/13 with 180 Degree Rotation Review

no 5 rated hair clippers
  • These clippers are one of the biggest sellers in the UK
  • 180 degrees rotating head for easy reach
  • Cordless - 60 minutes of use from a 1 hour charge
  • 13 easy lock-in length settings from 0.5 to 15 mm

Typical Buyer Quote

I found them to be very 'sharp' I have very thick hair and always cut it down to a grade 1 or 2, these clippers cut through it really easily, so much better than my old ones

What Kind of Hair Clippers Do Barbers and the Professionals Use?

I am not a professional hairdresser and neither is any of the team here. Luckily we know a lot of barbers and professional hairdressers, so we went ahead and asked them.

These are clearly a tool of their trade, and they want something that does precision cutting, and will also be durable and last for a long time. The brand that most of them told us was the Oster brand.

Around 60% used the Oster brand, 25% used the Andis brand and 15% used the Wahl brand.

Wahl Professional Trimmer Combi Pack

These are certainly not cheap hair clippers, but barbers and hair salons simply look on these as an investment. They would usually buy a twin set like this which is a set of hair clippers and a hair trimmer for doing perfect edges.

A professional set like this costs pretty close to £100. The one pictured above is the Wahl Professional Trimmer Combi Pack.

Understanding Hair Clipper Grades

When buying hair clippers you will see a lot of reference to "Hair Clipper Grades". They are on a scale of 1 to 8. To be honest, the only ones that are ever used are grades 1 -4.

I have included a hair clipper grading chart below, just to make life a bit easier. Essentially though Grade 1 starts at 1/8", and then each grade increases by 1/8" all the way up to an inch.

Grade Numbermminches
13 1/8
26 1/4
39 3/8
412 1/2

Hair Clipper Maintenance

No matter which one of these you decide to opt for, just take a few seconds and look after it. When finished with a cut, just quickly dust it off and try to keep the blades as hair free as you can.

Wahl 3310 Clipper Oil

If you have bought one that needs a little oil, then we recommend doing that every 6 months. It only takes a couple of minutes to do that, but will greatly extend the life of the product.

Hair clipper oil is very cheap to buy. We use Wahl clipper oil which is inexpensive but does a very good job. A typical 100 ml bottle will cost around £3-4 and last for a couple of years.

How Much Is An Average Male Haircut in the UK?

Now we know that this can vary a lot depending on where you live, what type of barber/hairdresser you go to, and exactly what you want to have done. However the average cost for a man is £10, and for a boy, it is about £7.

In the cities you will tend to pay almost half as much again, and the charges continue to rise.The average cost of a set of hair clippers is around £25. We will let you do the sums but a Dad with two boys going for a haircut will cost on average, £24. If they go once a month that is about £300 a year. That doesn't include the trouble of getting there, waiting and fuel.

Buy a set of clippers, do it at home, and save your money?I recently took my Grandson to our local barber. He is 3 years of age and was going to a wedding so his Mum wanted a professional to cut his hair.

That cost £9 for a 3-year old, and even his Mum admitted, it was just an OK job.So there you have it folks and we hope that you have found this review of the best hair clippers in the UK of some use.

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