Best Double Edge Safety Razor For Beginners

Best Double Edge Safety Razor For Beginners

As a beginner to wet shaving you ideally want the best safety razor that is suitable for your skin. If you are brand new to shaving, then congratulations as you have started off on the right foot. If however, you have been using an electric razor or shaver, then picking the right safety razor does actually become more important.

Our skin adjusts to the type of treatment or care that it gets. If you look at someone who works outside and then compare that to say an office or factory worker, you will notice that their skin types are very different.

The person outside will have more exposure to the weather, and the skin starts to build up a resistance to that.

It is similar when shaving the face, as the skin will take a little time to adjust to whatever you are shaving it with. Also, when moving to DE shaving, it is important to remember that the razor should glide over the skin, with a nice sharp blade.

You do not want an ultra sharp blade when starting out, just one that is good quality and has what is termed in the shaving trade as “moderate sharpness.”

Best Double Edge Safety Razor For Beginners

There are hundreds of different safety razors in the market, and I have listed the top ten which you can read by clicking here. However, for beginners to double edge, I have shortened this list down to three that we would recommend. They are from a brand called Merkur and they are good quality razors.

Not only are they good but they are also affordable and that is another important consideration, when you are beginning to shave with a DE razor. In other words you don’t want to spend a lot of your money, only to decide that it may not be for you.

All razors for beginners need to be really well balanced, nice and easy to hold with no slipping and be able to glide easily over the skin. A beginner should also always pick what is called a “fixed head” razor.

If you get one of these, it means that the gap between the edge of the razor blade, and the actual safety bar on the razor is a constant, and non-adjustable gap.

Stick to those at the beginning, as your focus needs to be on fining the right angle to shave at, and what pressure to apply.

There is plenty of time in the future to experiment with adjustable heads, and what impact they can have on your shaving experience.

Top 3 Double Edge Safety Razors For Beginners

Merkur 34C Double Edge Razor

no 1 rates safety razor for beginnersThis is pretty much a perfect choice for beginners. Firstly, it has a knurled handle and this means you get a very good grip, and that means there is little or no danger of the razor twisting, or slipping in your hand.

Secondly, this one also has a real good balance to it. That means that the handle length and the weight of the head provide a perfect mix, to give a perfect shave.

Plenty of online buyers have left reviews on this product and rate it a pretty amazing 96% buyer satisfaction rate.That is not something you will see every day.

It is priced at under £35, but for that, you are getting one of the best brands, and certainly one of the best fixed head razors on the market that exists today.

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Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor

no 2 rated safety razor for beginnersThis is similar to the one above, however it has a longer handle. The reason we have included it here, is because if you are used to shaving with a cartridge razor like a Gillette or Mach, then the handle on this one is roughly the same length.

That should make it feel very comfortable in your hand.

It is also slightly cheaper and can be picked up for under £27 and like the one above is a fixed head one.

This one is four inches long so that should also suit men with slightly larger hands.

To change blades all you need to do is unscrew the base, and the had will open up to accept a new blade. One reviewer said when comparing to the one above;

The Razor provides a very similar shave to both, but due to the balance tipped slightly towards the head is easier to learn technique for beginners to DE shaving.

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Edwin Jagger DE89L Safety Razor

no 3 rated safety razor for beginnersThis one is priced at just under £25, and is one that is also strongly recommended for beginners. Rather than using a knurled handle, this one uses a lined handle, which is also good for gripping and non-slipping.

Again with hundreds of  buyer reviews, this one is rated at 90% buyer satisfaction, so again great ratings and consistently so.

This one does offer a very close shave, but can do this because it combines a good quality razor with the best safety razor blades. You can also find out about those by clicking on an article we have written about those, by clicking here.

Remember you will need both razor and blades to make this work for you. You will also need a good shaving cream, which you can read about by clicking here. Proraso cream is an ideal choice for beginners, and men with sensitive skin.

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All that is left for me to do now, is to wish you luck with whichever safety razor you decide to go with. The ones we have picked out above are ideal for beginners.

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