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What Are The Best Double Edge Razor Blades In The UK?

You are either lucky enough to own your own double edged safety razor, or perhaps you have just bought one. Now, if you are anything like me, you want to find out what are the best double edge razor blades available on the market today.

Well, I think that you are right to do that. By having the best quality of blade that will clearly give you the best shave that you can get. Believe me, we know from years of experience the differences between cheap blades and a little bit of quality.

Many inexperienced shavers have the belief that the sharper a blade is the better it will be. I thought that way myself when I was getting started.

That is actually a myth, and although you want a nice sharp blade, you do not want it to be over sharp. A blades that is super sharp makes it very easy to scrape your skin. I shall cover that in more detail throughout this article.

Top 4 Safety Razor Blades for Shaving in the UK





So these are the best 4 sets of razor blades around in the market today. We are not that keen to recommend any particular brand, because much of that really does come down to personal taste.

We recommend trial and error here. You could try something like buying a pack of 100, and a more expensive pack of 5 or 10, and see if it makes a huge difference to you.

Although the Wilkinson Sword is my preference, even though it has the lowest of all the ratings on that list. Yet for me they deliver the best shaving experience.

So why not try a few out a few different brands of blade and see which suits you the best. You will still be saving a lot of money if you have been using the branded disposable ones and paying a fortune for blades or cartridges.

What To Look Out For When Buying Razor Blades

The standard industry size for these blades can actually make it really difficult to be able to tell one from the other. Put these in some fancy packaging and it would be easy to think that they are more or less the same.

Believe me they are not though, even though at times they can sound and even look the same. Safety razor blades actually have a lot in common:

On average they price out about £5-7 for 100 blades at the lower end, and up to about £50 for 100 blades at the top end of the scale. Now if you compare that price point to the blades that you have to buy for some of the so called "disposable razors" you can see how ridiculously cheap these are.

It is the price point that makes DE shaving a much better choice. Aside from that it is a far better shave than anything you can get from a so called cheap disposable razor. If I had my way I would ban those altogether.

What are Razor Blades Made From?

Almost all of these double edge blades are made from stainless steel as the core material. Different manufacturers then apply different finishes such as platinum or Teflon. You will see in any advertising that different manufacturers claim that these coatings make a huge difference to the resulting shave.

"The bottom line is that a typical razor blade is good enough for about 4-5 shaves before it needs to be replaced."

With the higher end blades, or the ones that have been coated, you will get about double that amount of shaving time.

Again many beginners think that they can get more shaving use out of a blade. Don't fall into that trap as any blade will dull after a number of uses.

As they work out to be relatively cheap just make sure to change your blades regularly. I know some wet shavers who change their blade once a month...God help their face in the last week of the month is all I can say.

razor blades for shaving

How Sharp Should A Safety Razor Blade Be?

Now it is perfectly normal to think, that the sharper the blade, the better the shave. That isn't actually true as some blades are so sharp, that they could easily damage your face, especially if you have sensitive skin.

In our opinion this type of sharp blade is best kept for working at crafts and far away from your shaving kit.

Something in the mid-range of sharpness is more than enough. We have done a top 5 list of double edge razor blades above, so you will not have to worry about figuring out which are actually the best.

Just bear in mind that you want to avoid extremely sharp blades or the very cheap blades.

We at the Shaving Emporium have found that shaving products such as your favourite shaving brush, shaving creams etc have become those simply by trying them and seeing which you like.

It is exactly the same with your blades. When you have tried a few, you will soon recognise which you prefer.

I like the <a title="Wilkinson Sword Website"Wilkinson Sword" best but only discovered that after trying quite a few. A great way of doing this is to buy a multi-pack where you get a number of different branded razor blades.

That allows you to try them out over a period of time and see which suits your face the best.

There is not one of us here on our website team, that has the exact same shaving combination of products.

If you think about your own shaving brush preference, cream or soap preference, safety razor preference and blade preference, then you can see there are any number of different combinations of products that you will prefer to use.

You really only find your ideal combination with a little bit of experimentation, and over a period of time. Even today, I try out many different products just to see what they are like.

Never be afraid to experiment with a few different blades and find out which you prefer to use.

Men have really strong views on razor blades and will only use particular brands. The reality is that in almost every single case, this will come down to your skin type, and also how tough your bristles are.

Some men will have very sensitive skin, whereas other men will have tough skin and tough bristles. Different blades will be used by these different types of situations.





Razor Blades and Skin Types

If you are new to wet shaving with a blade or have become a recent convert, then it will take a few weeks for your skin to adjust to any type of blade. 

I remember when I regularly used an electric razor and then made the move to a Double Edged safety razor type of shave. At first I would have got a few nicks here and there, and I also found it hard to get used to it.

This is completely natural and the transition in my opinion takes around 4-6 weeks before you stop making mistakes, and your skin gets used to the feel of a real blade.

That is then the best time to try out different brands and choices of blades. Don't to that right at the start, as your skin needs initially to get used to a blade rather than the spinning heads or the foil of a standard electric shaver.

With a little patience though you will be able to get your skin used to this new process, and after that you can start to find the best brand for you.

Men with sensitive skin would be advised to get a slightly less sharp blade, which will still do an excellent job, and at the same time not leave your skin feeling irritable and red.

Hopefully you have found this article useful and if you plan on trying out a few razor blades, let us know in the comments below, which brands you prefer and why.

I normally buy my safety razor blades online, usually at Amazon when I am on shopping for other things.

You can also buy these in Boots the Chemist, and in the Asda and Tesco supermarkets. They may not have a wide collection, but hopefully they will at least stock some of the better brands.

I normally replace my razor blade after every 4 shaves. So in a year I go through about 100 blades (slightly under). If I see a bargain, I will just buy a year's supply of those, and then not have to worry about buying more for a while.

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