Best Body Deodorant For Men Who Sweat

There are a lot of body deodorants for men in the UK market. So what makes one any better than the other. They also vary quite a lot in price, so rather than just going for the latest brand, I think it is worth checking out which work the best.

Now some guys also sweat a lot more than others. It depends on a whole range of body types and conditions and also on what makes up our diets. Let’s have a look and see what goes into making a really effective body odour deodorant.

Masking Body Odours

masking body odoursMen, thanks to testosterone levels, smell more than women. That is just a fact of life but it is also fair to say that some men just do not pay anywhere near enough attention to their body hygiene.

We have all met, worked or socialised with guys who need to be introduced to a bar of soap and the shower. We also all probably know guys who wear the same shirt for a week, and appear to only own one pair of jeans.

Now of course not all men are like that, but some are. So the first thing to know about dealing with body odour is to wash regularly, change your clothes daily and yes I have to say this, For Goodness sake, change your underwear every day.”

You could be the cleanest man in the world but if your clothes stink of BO, then believe me, that will permeate always. Generally speaking men will do more physical type jobs and tend to be more into sports than the ladies. Please note that is just a general observation, but I think a fair one. That is even more reason to wash more often and to make sure we are very hygienic.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants

These are generally classed as the same thing. There are however two different types of deodorants. There are those which simply mask the smell, and others that combat and fight bacteria. The better ones will contain zinc or aluminium and both of these are known to help combat against the smell of sweat.

A product which only prevents body odor is called a deodorant. Deodorant products can be antibacterial and mask odours with fragrances. A product which reduces perspiration or sweating is called an antiperspirant.
Antiperspirants are also effective as deodorants as bacteria growth is inhibited due to a lower pH and less moisture.

An old treatment that some guys still use is to use boric acid. I have never done that myself and I have read that too much of it does irritate the skin. I think I will stay away from that.


Now I am not going to lecture any one on diets. We have all sat on a train, a bus or in a meeting with Mr Garlic Man. So what you put into your mouth will come out in some way through the sweat glands. If a guy has been out on the drink the night before, chances are both he and everyone else will know all about it the next morning. As one of the TV programs once said, “We are what we eat.”

If you are a guy who sweats a lot, then try to avoid anything that is caffeine based like coffee, chocolate etc as they contain ingredients that stimulate the sweat glands.

OK that is all I really want to say about diets. Let’s get back to dealing with sweat or as the more polite people would say, perspiration.

Perspiration does not actually have any smell at all believe it or not. It is the bacteria that forms that then creates that awful smell of sweat. If we can counteract that, then we can help prevent the smell or at least mask it. Below I have listed some of the best for doing just that.

Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh

Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Aerosol Anti-Perspirant DeodorantThis one gets really good ratings by buyers and works very well. You can pick up three cans of this for under £8 at Amazon and that is a pretty good deal.

This one contains aluminium and as I have mentioned above that is one of the main ingredients to combat the build up of bacteria.

It also has no alcohol in it so if you have sensitive skin, then this one is good to use, as it will not cause you any type of skin irritation. When applying this though hold the can back about 6-8″ to avoid getting that white layer of deodorant.

Many guys complain about that and it is caused by two things. It is either that you are holding the spray too close to your armpits, or under your armpits is still wet. This product smells really nice and you will be able to get a full day out of it for sure.

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NIVEA Men Invisible Black and White Spray

NIVEA Men Invisible Black and White SprayThis one gets the highest rating on Amazon and this one gets 4.8 out of 5 star reviews. From actual buyers that is an extremely high rating. There is no question that it works and one of its main selling features is that there is no white residue at all.

One of their main claims is that this will also help prevent the build up of those annoying yellow under arm stains. If you are a guy who has to wear either white shirts or light coloured shirts, then this one is perfect for doing that.

It also works well for those who like to wear dark clothes, and don’t want any white stains showing. So for those who want to look after their clothes, this is probably a good investment.

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PitRok Crystal for Men

PitRok Crystal for MenThis is an unusually named product but a very good one. This one offers full deodorant protection and has been designed so as it does not block up the pores on the skin. This one also has a really nice scent, and there is no sticky or clammy feeling left, when you use this one.

It works well for sensitive skin, and again does not leave any white residue.

If you have never heard of this product, or have never used it before, then I would recommend giving this one a try.

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