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beard growth spray

There are some guys out there who decide they would look good with some facial hair, be that sideburns, a moustache of some kind or a beard. In fact I would go as far to say that almost every man has attempted to grow something on their face at some time in their lives.

Some men can do this with considerable ease, whereas other men try it, check it out in the mirror and reach for their razor.

It sounds easy enough just don’t shave and bingo – hair will appear in all the right places, and you can then pick your style and go for it. Here at the Emporium we have already explored the use of Argan oil to help grow a healthy beard.

You can read about that here, but what about the guys who have the problem of either limited growth, sporadic growth or the most common, 50 shades of grey, brown and ginger growth?

beard growth supplements

In the main, the amount of hair that we can grow on our face comes down to simple genetics. The way our Grandfather and or father looked is pretty much the way we tend to look.

Facial shape, ear shape, body size and hair type and growth will be handed down to us in our genes. Mother Nature determines all of this and we have to live with it, or find ways around it.

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How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard?

There is no definite answer to this question. Again because of the genes we have in our body, the rate of growth will be determined by that. Other things do impact on that however, and those things we can absolutely control.

In the main there are a few things that make a huge contribution and these are the diet we have, the way we look after our skin and how well hydrated and healthy our skin actually is.

This is genuinely where vitamins or supplements can really help men out. I think it is fair to say that we are all familiar with what supplements are and what they can do for us. If we have a vitamin deficiency in our body, then we can get vitamin pills to help supplement that deficiency.

Likewise we can get tonics if we are not eating well, can get flaxseed oil or fish oil if we need to generate Omega 3 and if you look at the supplement’s counter in a chemist like Boots, you will see any number of different supplementary types of products.

It takes about a month on average to grow a beard assuming that it is all natural and does not need any help. For guys who struggle to grow consistent facial hair, then it can take maybe 6 weeks, with a little help from the various supplements out there. Let’s have a look at what is available and what works the best.

There are some that you certainly want to avoid for a whole variety of reasons and we will try to keep your right about those.

There are a few popular ones so we will look at those first.

General Medical Advice About Taking Supplements

We are not medical professionals here, we simply like shaving and all things grooming. Supplements are all issued with certain general instructions. If in any doubt, or have ongoing medical conditions always consult a doctor before taking any form of supplement.

Supplements should always be stored in a cool dry place. In most cases supplements should be taken after meals to avoid any type of tummy upset. If any adverse reactions are noticed, stop taking them instantly and contact a medical professional. You must be over 18 to buy any form of supplement.

Beard Growth Oil

This product from the Beard Club seems to be the best choice. It uses Biotin and various scents, and overall it gets pretty good reviews by online buyers. Overall they have rated this product with an 84% buyer satisfaction rating.

It i a natural oil and designed to improve thickness, density and strength.

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These vitamins are pretty new to the market and came out late last year. They do not get the best of results, though they did when they were first released.

You get 90 capsules for just under £12 and you need to take 3 a day for 30 days. These do a number of things that are important for growth which are to reduce dryness, minimise itchiness and generally improve the health of your skin and beard. Beard vitamins work because they help hair follicles where the roots grow.

This company is so confident that they work, that they offer a 100% money back guarantee if they don’t work for you. That is a really confident claim.

Beard Growth Spray

This product gets remarkable reviews and like the one above with a 4.6 out of 5 that is a very positive sign. Unlike the vitamins above with this one you massage the solution into the facial skin and let it do its thing. Again like the one above this is supposed to be done for a 30 day period.

beard growth spray

]It is especially good for guys who suffer from blank patches where the hair may be growing too thinly, or even patches where there is little or no growth at all. The key seems to be patience when using this product. Many of the reviewers said that they had to wait a couple of weeks before noticing any visible results.

That would make sense to us as you will find that any product of this nature needs to be given time to do what it is supposed to. That is the main reason the manufacturer will tell you to do it for the full treatment, which in this case is a month.

Guys are not the most patient of people, so with this one, and based on all of the reviews, be patient for a couple of weeks and then you will start to see the kind of results that you want.

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Ones To Avoid

Based purely on the ratings these do not get great reviews. There is one called Beardilizer and they get a 2.3 out of 5 stars. Almost all of the reviews stated that they had tried these, and they just didn’t work for them. Many of the reviewers say this and advise people not to waste their money. Out of 22 reviews, 12 of the buyers gave these a 1 star rating.

One called Beard Envy gets even lower ratings at only 1.9 out of 5 stars. Again we have not tried these products out and are simply reporting what we have found.

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