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Great beard grooming tipsIt is true to say that most men shave, and opt for a smooth skin look, rather than growing a beard. We are not sure if that is just the way society expects men to look, or whether it is something that they prefer.

For men who like the look of a beard, or a moustache and beard though, there is actually quite a lot of work involved in creating and maintaining that particular look.

We here at the Shaving Emporium would even go as far as saying there is more work involved, than simply having a shave every day.

An interesting fact, that is seldom talked about, is that many men can not actually grow what is called a full beard. There are also a whole host of men whose partners will not allow them to have a beard either.

Now we could be all nice about that, but it is just an honest fact that some ladies love a man with a beard, and some ladies hate it.

Celebrities like Jon Hamm, Ewan McGregor, Sean Connery, Jeff Bridges and Daniel Day Lewis have all gone down the route of sporting a beard for a while. For us here at the Emporium, we believe that many men should at least try growing a beard, and we are pretty sure that some will stick with it, but many more will either not be able to, or will just try it every now and then.

Different Types of Beards

However if you have decided to grow a beard, then you will need to spend some time taking care of it. There are as you can imagine quite a lot of different beard types to pick from, and that’s before we even start to consider the number of different types of moustaches that you can have.

For this article though we will stick with beards and how to keep them looking good. Beards can offer either a degree of sophistication and all the way through to giving out a sense of being a little wild. The style that you choose will basically determine what look you want to show to others.

survival beardsMan with beard wearing glassesman with a full beard
man with a goatee beardman with a long beard

As you can see from the table above, there are many styles to pick from and I have only included five different types. So irrespective of which one you eventually decide to have they all need to be cared for.

Top Tips On Keeping Your Beard Well Groomed

At different times you will need to shape, cut and trim your beard. To do this we would recommend using a good quality beard trimmer. You will also need very high quality hairdressing scissors, and not the ones that your partner may be using around the house.

The good news is that neither are really that expensive, so it is a small investment and in our opinion almost something you need to make, should you decide to grow a proper beard or moustache. Trimmers cost on average around £20 and scissors about £10 so all in around £30 to allow you to care for your beard professionally.

So rather than looking like mountain man, these simple tools can make your facial hair look healthy, neat and tidy. Now of course if you are going for the mad and bad look, then who are we to argue.


Unless you are going for the really wild look, then chances are you will need to do some sculpting as it is commonly known. This simply means either thinning or removing hair in certain areas on your cheeks and necks. The quickest and most effective way of doing that is to go to a barber and let the professionals deal with it. The problem with that is that it costs money and more importantly it takes time. That is why we recommend using a beard trimmer which can do exactly the same job, at a fraction of the cost.

That way all you have to is change the setting to get either a nice clean edge, or go for a faded look. The simplest way to do this is find a setting for the length of beard that you want to grow, and then use the trimmer all over your beard and moustache to give if a uniform length. Once you have achieved that, then you can fade this by altering the setting and fade the areas that you decide. The lowest setting can then be selected to give the clean edges should you prefer that look.

Great Video On How To Trim Your Beard At Home

Sometimes it is just easier to see someone doing this than reading about how to trim a beard. So, enjoy this excellent video.

Hopefully you have found these tips useful. Like most things in life, looking good takes a bit of effort and having a great looking beard is no exception. A lot of modern men develop a really healthy looking growth by using different methods. We did an interesting article on why many men use Argan oil to promote healthy beard growth, and that is certainly worth a read.

A lot of men also like to try, at least once, the goatee style beard and you can read about how to care for those by clicking here. AT the end of the day though, we think that many guys will always have a beard, some will never bother, but we think every man should give it a try, if even for just one time.

You never know what it will look like until you do. If you decide to do that, then just make sure it is well looked after and healthy looking. As you now know that takes a bit of time, a bit of care and a little effort.

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