Babyliss Super Stubble Review

BaByliss for Men Super Stubble

In this article we review the BaByliss for Men super stubble trimmer and check out if it is worth the £60 price tag? The model number on this trimmer is 7898U. As we all know the stubble look is now a popular choice. This of course has changed only in the last couple of years.

Over the past decade, facial hair has become increasingly fashionable. For the most part the “Rip Van Winkle” look is still out, and most men prefer to keep a well-trimmed, short beard.

This leads to another problem: how can you possibly keep a short beard trimmed neatly without ending up lopsided? Options tended to include only electric razors with a beard trimmer attachment, or trimmers meant for the scalp. Thankfully, trimmers designed especially for beards or stubble have emerged and are improving in design.

Why Pick BaByliss?

BaByliss, a UK manufacturer of home styling accessories, offers three different models of stubble and beard trimmers. At around 60 pounds, the Super Stubble is around the average price that you would expect to pay for this type and style of trimmer.

It is actually a clever piece of technology and it certainly merits more investigation. The brand is pretty well known in the UK and they do make a range of really good quality hair products and tools.

BaByliss for Men Super StubbleQuick Guide to the Super Stubble 7898U

For those who just do not have the time to read my full review below, I have included this quick guide.

  • It is powered by a Lithium Ion battery which means quick charge and plenty of power
  • You pick your cutting length by using the LED screen you can see pictured on the right
  • Great for day to day regular use
  • 24 length settings from as low as 0.4 mm
  • Over 300 buyers at Amazon rate this a 4.0 out of 5 stars which is a good rating

In summary with the super stubble trimmer you get some nice additional features. It features 24 length settings from 0.4 to 5.5 mm and has motorized length control. Like the less-expensive I-Stubble +, it has an LCD screen to display setting and power level, length setting memory, and a floating contour head.

Detailed Review of the Super Stubble  7898U

For us it is always about two things when making your buying decision. We always want something that works really well and we want good value for money. This one is not perfect but for the money we do believe that you are getting good value, and overall it does a good job on your appearance.

Special to the Super Stubble is lithium ion technology power, allowing a longer and more consistent charge. It is also 100% waterproof, so it can be used in the shower. This also makes for easy cleaning–it can simply be rinsed in the bathroom sink.

Other Buyer and Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews for the Super Stubble have been overwhelmingly positive. Most men reviewing the product are enthusiastic about the LI power source and the length of time it can hold a charge, though some customers complained that the unit cannot be used WHILE charging.

It does have a “quick charge” feature that allows it to be usable for at least one trim after five minutes. I guess that just comes down to individual opinion  but overall the battery is one of the better ones.

The product is advertised as requiring ninety minutes for a full charge, which gives the trimmer an hour of battery life. Reviews indicate that the battery indeed performs as advertised, and holds the charge for up to four weeks.

Others are pleased with the LCD display which, unlike older models, also lets the user know how much battery life is left. (This does seem like a fairly insignificant addition, but imagine having your beard half trimmed when you need to leave for a job interview in five minutes.)


As to the actual performance of the Super Stubble: it’s pretty good. Men have found it exceptionally easy to use. The floating contour head glides easy across the beard and the motorised length control maintains consistency as it trims. Here again, user reviews are almost all positive.

Only a few men seem to have indicated that the product doesn’t measure up, but one gentleman indicated that he “has had this problem with all trimmers” he’s tried. Well–some of us DO have a beard like steel wire, after all. Its ability to withstand water also meets with general approval; many men prefer to shave or trim in the shower.

Look & Appearance

There has been much praise for the styling of the trimmer itself. It is indeed a sleek, elegant design–which is always a nice touch, but of course hasn’t much impact on the usefulness of the product. One design aspect that DOES matter is one that has been of concern for many–the Super Stubble doesn’t come with a travel case.

This is indeed a concern, if a slight one; even the electric razors of a generation ago came with some kind of case. Since it’s ever more common to travel for work, it would be a nice upgrade to include a case to protect the trimmer. The idea of a ninety pound investment bouncing along in a baggage carousel isn’t heart warming.

Verdict and Summary

Overall, the BaByliss Super Stubble is a good investment. Its performance and battery life outshine most in its field; its waterproof nature is a decided plus. The only faults in the trimmer are fairly minor ones. One reviewer went so far as to say “Not perfect…yet.”

Other popular choices are the Babyliss 7895U and the Babyliss 7847U If you would like to read about those, simply click on the names. There you can read my detailed reviews on those models.

The BaByliss Super Stubble is at the right price so as you get good quality and enough features to justify the price tag.

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