Babyliss Home Hair Cutting Kit for Men UK Review Model Number 7437TU

babyliss hair kit

The 7437 model from BaByliss is a good value hair cutting kit for using in the home. Many men and mainly parents are trying to save money in these days of high austerity. One way of doing that is to try and avoid the cost of a barber or hairdresser.

With the average price of a haircut in the UK now at an average £10 per person, you can see why many parents are looking for alternative ways to look neat and tidy.

A good friend of mine has 3 sons under the age of 12 and when all 4 used to head off to the barbers he could pay around £40-50 every month, so close to £500 a year. That is a lot of money and he asked me about other alternatives.

I was able to inform him that companies like BaByliss, Philips and Wahl now all provided some great home kits. The 7437TU is in my opinion one of the better ones and just by using it once, he would be saving money right away.

Now of course like anything else there is a bit of a learning curve with cutting your own hair and that of your kids. That said, once you master the basics, then it is a fairly simple process.

Main Features of the BaByliss 7437

This is classed as a “professional grade clipper set,” and has stainless steel sharp blades. It comes with 8 different grades and that is more than enough for almost all home hair cutting needs. There is also a mini trimmer which is ideal for sideburns, beards, moustaches and eyebrows which should suit the adult in the home.

BaByliss for Men 7437TU Home Hair Cutting Kit

With this kit you get everything you need including the cape, barber’s comb, clips, scissors, the storage case along with a cleaning brush and oil. In other words once you have this kit, then you have everything you need to get started right away.

For peace of mind this also comes with a 3-year guarantee and for less than £25, that is in my opinion, a very good value for money deal.

What Do Others Say?

babyliss hair kitThere are almost 200 buyer reviews over at Amazon and they give this one an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Those are the type of ratings that we like to see as there are enough of them and they are consistently good.

Almost all of the reviewers mention the fact that it has saved them a fortune as they no longer have to go to the barbers. That also happens to save them a lot of time as well. For those of us with younger children it also saves us a lot of complaining as well.

In my opinion as long as you don’t get too ambitious with your new clippers then your kids would rather spend 10-15 minutes at home than get into the car, wait in the barbers, and just get it over with.

I know when I was younger I used to be bored to tears waiting at a barbers.

This set of clippers and attachments are lightweight and actually pretty simple to use. It is also pretty quiet which is always a good thing. Any complaints that I read about it simply said that they though the clippers were too small.

Personally I would disagree with that as they are normal in size when compared to others, and I did find these quick and simple to use.

BaByliss do a number of these kits and this one but in terms of value for money, this one is their best offering. At the end of the day you get 20 pieces, a nice set of clippers and a solid 3-year warranty and this is good value and good support.

Here is what one typical reviewer said about the product once they had bought it and used if for a while.

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No more trips to the barber

Husband insisted on buying this as he was fed up with barbers not getting it right. Good quality, used one many years ago on my own boys and found this one just as easy, despite my husband having very curly hair. First haircut a little short as thought the ‘grades’ matched the barbers,(he usually has 5 on top and 3 on sides, with these 7 and 5 gave the length). Can blend the different grades, trim in sideburns and shave neck. Great for me as I am not a hairdresser so cannot cut hair using scissors. Only slight grumble is length of cable, another couple of feet would have helped.

It pretty much sums up many of the other reviews that I have read about this particular model. It is good that you can blend the different grades together but that does take a bit of practise.

The best tip here is always to start with the longest cut and slowly work your way through the comb attachments until you get the exact length and look, that you want for the hair. I know when I first started doing this at home I was a little bit anxious, but over time, you do work it out and you also become much faster.

The bottom line is that any home hair cut will save you a lot of money very quickly and this is especially true if you have a bigger family of boys. My only complaint with this kit has been mentioned already by the reviewer above, and that is the lead could do with being a little longer.

babyliss 7437TU Storage box

When you have done your haircuts, then all the 20 pieces can be quickly stored and put away in the box provided and that I have shown above. That makes cleaning up a lot quicker and stops any of the parts from getting lost. About once every 2-3 months it is recommended that you clean the clippers.

You should then apply a little oil and let the clippers run for a minute or so to keep the blades well lubricated. Other than that it requires no other maintenance.

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All things considered this is a good little kit for the money and one that will certainly save you a fortune on family haircuts.

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