Babyliss 7895U Review

BaByliss for Men 7895U I-Stubble Plus

BaByliss for Men 7895U I-Stubble PlusThe 7895U model from BaByliss is a popular choice for many men when it comes to picking an average priced stubble trimmer, that is decent quality.

This one is at the lower end of their range and gets average but consistent reviews. Almost every man wants to have an awesome beard or at least has wanted to at one point on his life.

It has been said that a beard properly looked-after will get you a long way with the ladies and will earn you some respect from fellow gentlemen.

Every man also knows how difficult it is to look after a beard, and how much care, planning and dedication that takes. A very popular look today is that of a tailored stubble. Guys generally create this look by using some form of stubble trimmer.

Finding the right tool to help you achieve your desired look can also prove to be an extremely difficult task. We all want a cool looking beard but none of us wants to be worrying 24/7 about everything we need to do to keep it neat.

The right tool will make your life a lot easier and will allow you to focus on enjoying the perks of having a cool stubble instead on achieving one.

The BaByliss 7895U is a good choice for those on a limited budget. Sadly it does not get the higher type of reviews that we would like to see. We know that there are simply better ones out there and if you prefer to see those, then check out this top 10 list..

In this article we check out if you are getting good value for your money, and if this kit will suit your needs?

For those who don’t have time to read my full and detailed review, you can read my quick guide and go straight to Amazon, where you can find more information, and buy if you think it is right for you.

Quick Guide for the Babyliss 7895U

  • At the time of writing this review there were 42 buyer reviews at Amazon who gave this an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars
  • On average it will cost you under £50
  • Battery system is pretty good

Detailed Feature Guide

The BaByliss 7895U is as I have mentioned at the lower end of the price point. That said it will still set you back around £45, so is it worth that sort of money? We honestly don’t think it is and although some people do like this product a lot, we were not that impressed with it.

It looks good enough quality when you get it out of the box and when you hold it in your hand it feels that it is well made. Our first impressions were good. It certainly looks the part.

The Cut

It does allow you to create certain looks such as a shadow, stubble, or a bigger beard. The length options range from 0.4mm to 5.0mm. The range however is pretty limited and we think that this could be a lot better. By entering a couple of commands on the LCD screen you can see and set up a length control function to regulate the kind of beard you will get.

Some reviewers said that this stubble trimmer did a pretty good job and did it quickly. Sadly we found that you had to make several passes with this one and even then, we thought the finished stubble looked patchy.

This BaByliss has a memory function that will ensure you keep your beard exactly as you want it, with no mistakes and no effort, for as long as you need. That element is good to have but overall we though the cutting was disappointing.

Many reviewers did however say that they though this product cut very well. The reviews were however mixed about this so pretty hard to figure out and it certainly divided opinion.

Battery Charging and Battery Life

It takes around 16 hours to charge this from new which is not bad at all.   The LCD screen has a battery indicator as well, which is extremely useful and adds to make it the most useful tool in the market.

Cleaning the Trimmer

It is not easy to do this. The 7895BU is not waterproof so you can not simply rinse this one under a tap. That makes it time consuming to clean and we struggles with that.

Other Buyer Reviews

The BaByliss 7895U is a small device, compact enough to be easily carried on any kind of bag, which makes it ideal for travelling.

Also because it has a highly efficient charging system – 90 minutes of charging being enough to give you 45 minutes of usage, and 5 minutes of charging being enough for your current shave – you could consider using it if you decide to travel.

It is a product that really divides opinion. One reviewer said:

This works well, is very accurate and the battery lasts AGES

Whereas another reviewer said

I do not find that this shaves anywhere near as good as my original and am constantly having to go over the same area to achieve a consistent cut.

Summary and Verdict

This is a stubble trimmer that really does divide opinion a lot. We would not recommend this one and would encourage you to check out our list of much higher rated trimmers at affordable prices. We are fairly certain that you can get a better one there for around the same money.

Other products in the Babyliss range are the 7847U model and the Super Stubble. Click on any of the links to read about those.

We will only recommend products that have at least a 4+ star rating and the Babyliss 7895U falls just short of achieving that. We are not sating this is a bad product. We just think there are better value ones out there.

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