Babyliss 7847U Review

Babyliss 7847U

One of the guys here bought the BaByliss 7847U I Trim Stubble so we asked him to do a review of this product for us. As you know we like to be truthful with you.

We have to say that he was not impressed and when we took a closer look at this one, neither were any of the team here at the Emporium.

We are not going to recommend this one, even though it makes regular sales and gets some good reviews.

This model can be used as either a corded product or a cordless option which is good and at an average price of £20-25 it isn’t going to break the bank either. So why then would we not recommend it?

Buying A Quality Stubble Trimmer

If you are going to buy one of these stubble trimmers, then for a good quality one that actually works, you need to be prepared to pay around £50-60.

When you do that you get a trimmer that works, will continue to work and feels great in your hand. With this 7847U model you simply do not get that feeling at all.

We have done a top 10 list of the best stubble trimmers on the market right now which you can check out by clicking here. Anything you find on that list is we believe a lot better than wasting your money on this product. Jim is the guy who got this and it was bought for him as a gift.

When he read the box he was happy enough as it had 30 cutting lengths and could be easily cleaned by washing it under the tap.

Babyliss 7847UThings Jim Liked About the 7847U

  • Setting the lengths is easy and seem accurate enough
  • Decent charge time

Things Jim Did Not Like

  • Plastic grooves on the guard just keep on breaking – if that happens then your shave is just too uncomfortable
  • Just too basic
  • Feels flimsy

Other People’s Reviews

Although Jim was disappointed with this model from BaByliss, it is never a great idea just to take one person’s opinions. We always check out other reviews to see what they think of their purchase. As we mentioned earlier, this one is still making sales over at Amazon and people are leaving reviews.

There are well over 100 buyer reviews so that tells you that this product is actually selling fairly well. They have given this an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars which is satisfactory, without being great.

We would only ever recommend products with a 4+ rating out of 5 stars and when we see any product under that, it does make us a bit wary.

That said some buyers really like this such as this reviewer who gave this one a 4 star review:

Shaving marvellous
By Pen Name on 12 July 2014
Verified Purchase
Good product does exactly what it states. Battery last for about 30 minutes I’d say on average. Delivered relatively quickly

However 35% of all buyers rated this with 3 stars or less and that would make us wary of this product. Most of us had a look at it when Jim brought it in to the office. Now clearly we could not all use it for hygiene reasons, but when we compare it to better quality ones, it just didn’t measure up.

Here is a typical 2 star review to give you a feel of what they were saying:

2.0 out of 5 stars Two Stars, 13 Oct. 2014
By M Ayub (UK) – See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: BaByliss for Men 7847U I Trim Stubble (Personal Care)
Poor build quality and not a great motor. You get what you pay for I guess.

We also understand that different people have different opinions, but 3 out of 10 people just did not rate this one highly. That is just too many in our opinion.

Trying Out A Stubble Trimmer

We think people will buy this one if they don’t want to fork out £50-60. If you have never used a stubble trimmer before it is hard to know if you will either like the stubble look, or even continue on using it. Many reviewers basically said this over and over again, so that would lead us to believe that they wanted to test out how one of these works.

For us we know from doing so many reviews that sometimes you just have to be prepared to pay for a good quality product. A stubble trimmer is just one of those.

We have reviewed quite a number of these and even written a guide on how to use one, which you can read by clicking here. When you have done that you do get to know the good from the bad.

This is not a bad product. However we think it is not a great one either. It would be better to save up some extra cash and invest that in something with much better reviews and ratings.

That way you will not be disappointed. We like some of the Babyliss products but this one will not be on our recommended list.

A more popular choice is the Babyliss 7895U and you can read that review by clicking here. There is also the Babyliss Super Stubble.  These are in our opinion much better choices.

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