Babyliss 7432U Mains Clipper Kit Review

This is our review of the affordable Babyliss 7432U, which we believe to be an affordable but complete home hairdressing kit. The RRP on this set is £15.00, but you can usually find it even cheaper online.

We will take you through the pros and cons of this home hairdressing kit, which should help you decide if this is the right one for your own specific needs.

Babyliss Hair Clippers

Babyliss 7432U Summary Review

You can see from the image above, that the actual clipper that does the work, looks pretty similar to many other clippers, on the UK market. The difference with this one, and some of the others is that this one is most certainly, at the lower end of the price point.

However, do not let the low price point put you off. This one comes with a manufacturer warranty of 3 years, so they clearly stand over their products.

Quick Points Worth Noting

- This is a main's powered clipper, so must be plugged into an electric socket to work

- It has stainless steel blades and comes with 12 clipper cutting guides

- You do get a nice range of useful accessories (explained below)

Don't buy this one if you need to have a cordless hair clipper set. You can check out the cordless options by clicking here. If owning a main's powered set work for you, then please read on for more details.

Babyliss 7432U - What Do You Actually Get?

Just below, we have included the various bits and pieces that you get for your money. We think Babyliss have certainly packed in plenty of value for money with this hair clipper kit.

  • You get the Babyliss 7432U set of clippers
  • You get Grade 1-10 comb guides and also a left ear taper comb guide and one for the right ear
  • There is also a comb, a pair of scissors, a hairdressing cape, 2 sectioning clips, and a neck brush.
  • star-o
    There is also a cleaning brush, some clipper oil and a storage pouch

That is all you need to be able to complete a haircut at home. For less than £15, we think that makes it a very good deal.

What Buyers Say About the Babyliss 7432U

It is always important to know what other buyers have to say, and indeed, how they rate their purchase. Here at the Emporium, we have a team who read all of the buyer reviews, and then summarise what they have found.

With this 7432U model, the overall buyer satisfaction rating was 78%. That is not an outstanding rating, but it is satisfactory.

Our team read over 300 reviews and just over half of buyers gave this one a very high score. The percentage of low review ratings was around 7.5%.

Overall then, this one did pretty well.

Buyer Satisfaction

The buyers who really liked this one, took the time to set it up initially and make the adjustments, recommended by the manufacturer. Those who did give this one a low review, appeared not to do that. The learning point here is of course to take a little time during set up, and make sure the clippers are properly aligned.

Our general sense when reading all of the reviews, is that this clipper set is functional, without being exceptional. For example the Babyliss Super Hair Clippers is a higher quality set, but they are also 3 times the price.

That should tell you that, for under £15, these will do a good enough job. They will however not have the high quality, of something at the higher price point.

BaByliss 7432U Mains Clipper Kit for Men

Babyliss 7432U Clippers

Any home hairdressing kit is really only as good as the clippers. These ones do have stainless steel blades, that can be quickly removed to clean them. The clippers feel ok in the hand, and are well balanced. On the down side, they do vibrate quite a bit, and they are also pretty noisy, when compared to other models.

Our Verdict on the Babyliss 7432U Set

This is an affordable set, so ideal for anyone who has to work off a tight budget. By cutting your own hair, or your family's hair at home, you can save a lot of money. Barbers and hairdressers can be expensive to go to, especially if you have a family.

At less than £15, you can probably get your money back after 1 or 2 uses. These do work well, if you take the time to set them up at the start. No they are not the best hair clippers on the UK market, but they are good enough.

There is a lot of choice on the UK market, and the Babyliss offer plenty of options. This is at the lower end of the price point, but a 78% buyer satisfaction score should not be ignored.

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