Babyliss 7420U Review

BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer

BaByliss for Men 7420U Super GroomerThis is our review of the Babyliss 7420U super groomer. Don’t you just love the names they come up with for these products, in this case the Super Groomer? So let’s have a closer look and see if it is super or not?

Well the first really good thing about this one is that it can be used mainly as a corded product. However it is also cordless which is handy when you need to use this without having to plug this groomer into an electrical socket.

That also makes it handy for travelling should yo do a lot of that.

Positive Reviews

Overall this one gets very high ratings by buyers over at Amazon. That is of course exactly what we want to see and with a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, that is right up there with the very best of any of the body groomers, we have looked at so far.

This one can be used for all over body grooming and can also be used on the face.

babyliss 7420u groomerAll The Right Bits & Pieces

You get all the right pieces that will ensure you are able to complete your grooming from top to tail as they say. This includes a precision trimmer, comb guides, detail trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, a foil shaver and a comb.

There are more than enough options for required hair length, so that ticks all of the technical boxes.

The Things That Buyers Really Like

When you make your way through the reviews certain things keep getting repeated about that people like, and what they don’t like about any product.

So it is with this Babyliss 7420U super groomer. Let’s start with what they like and I will include the dislikes just below.

  • Great Design – I know this may not be important to a lot of people, but the way a product like this feels in your hand is important. Many buyers really liked the nice balance and feel of this product – it just makes grooming a lot easier.
  • Beard Trimming – highly accurate and cuts really well
  • The Detail attachment – This is a great addition to the body grooming kit for sure
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Built-In shaver – you don’t need a shaver if you buy this one as the foil shaver on this one works a treat
  • Overall Body Grooming – Most reviewers said this did a fabulous job
  • Value for Money – At around £45 this model is really good value for money and a great all round groomer.
  • Great Charging System – this product was easy to charge and holds the charge very well

Things Buyers Did Not Like

When you see a 4.6 out of 5 rating there are not going to be that many things to dislike. Having read the buyer reviews here is what we did hear grumbles about:

  • Takes a bit of time to figure out what all the attachments are for

There were a few 4 star reviews but again all positive. They all said it was very good so we can only assume they always want to keep a star in reserve. We found a single one star review and we have yet to make any sense out of it.

Summary & Verdict

One reviewer had this to say about this model from BaByliss:

My wife bought me the Babyliss Supergroomer in the nick of time. Now this IS the gubbins! Wonderful design – the operating heads and trimmer guides all dismantle easily for cleaning. Beard trimming is FANTASTIC – smooth, precise – a pleasure!

Overall we would of course recommend this if you want a high quality body groomer that ticks all of the boxes. For once we actually found nothing to complain about, and believe me, we did look. So if you like to spend time working on your manscaping skills, you will get some great use out of this product.

It is one of the better products on the market right now, so if you are looking for a good quality body groomer at an affordable price, then the 7420U should do your job nicely.

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