Babyliss Precision Beard Trimmer UK Review Model 7107U

We thought we would do a review of the Babyliss 7107U beard trimmer as around £11, it is getting really good reviews and that always catches our eye here at the Shaving Emporium.

This is a simple to operate battery operated trimmer which can be used on both the beard and the moustache. The Babyliss company is a well known brand who are in the male grooming market.

Right away we noticed that this one comes with a 3-year guarantee and that should give you some peace of mind. Well that along with a really great price point. There are a lot of buyer reviews for this one. On average they rate this beard trimmer with an 86% buyer satisfaction rate.

That is a really high score for such an affordable product. Let’s find out more about what it can do.

Babyliss 7107U Review1

As you can see it comes in a nice presentation box, but what do you actually get for your money.

Babyliss 7107U – Main Features

We think this one is good to use at home but is also an ideal choice for travel. We wouldn’t pick it as our main trimmer though it will certainly do that job. You can check out our top 10 trimmers to see which one we think is the best.

Nevertheless this one is good and there are over 1,000 online reviews, from a range of online websites, who sell this particular product. It has been around now for about 4 years, and continues to sell really well.

Babyliss 7107U CombThere is a 5-position comb and it is that feature which allows you to set the length of your beard and hair growth. These cover a range of 3 mm and all the way up to 15 mm.

If you remove all the guides then you can get the cut length down to just 1 mm. As always start at the highest setting (15 mm) and then work your way down until you get the right length for you.

As well as these it also comes with 3 jaw line combs, which allow you to vary and blend your beard, to suit the look that you want to achieve. These are 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm. If you have never used these types of jaw line trimmer combs before then be careful.

They do take a little bit of practise to master the art and give you the style that you want to get. Again start with the highest setting and work slowly until you achieve your own look.

The actual cutting blades are made from good quality stainless steel and they do cut nice and clean.

It also has a small stand which helps with storage. Like most of these products they come with a cleaning brush. All in all it is a really good little package for around £11

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Review Overview

We checked through the reviews on various websites and the single common theme was that for this price you can not go wrong.

This is not a super fancy trimmer, but it gets the job done and can handle thick beards with some ease. Often people and buyers are put off if the price is too low. At around £11 that could be in your thoughts as it was certainly in ours.

That isn’t what the reviews say though. It uses AA batteries so getting a set of rechargeable batteries will save you money in the long run. Just be aware that products like these will use a lot of battery power, so always have a few on standby. This trimmer comes with a set of batteries that will at least get you started.

The good thing about being battery only is that you don’t have to worry about leads. It also means that you will need batteries for it to work.

Usually I just buy those large strips of AA batteries at the Pound Store or the Pound Shop and have them in my drawer. I prefer rechargeable ones, but I don’t always remember to charge them. Nice to have a few spare ones.

In summary, just remember that this costs £10 and we think that you will be well impressed with that you get for your money.

What The Buyers Say About the Babyliss 7107U Model

We think the best way to present this is to show what buyers say in the form of the good and bad comments. We have included those below with a simple to read pros and cons section.


  • Fairly quiet though all of these do make a buzzing noise
  • A very good tool for trimming a beard or hair
  • Lightweight, does a good job and a great price
  • Also good for trimming neck hair and sideburns
  • The stand is really useful


  • Does not give a full smooth shave
  • Not good for your main shaver, but great and handy for trimming and tidying up


This 7107U model is meant to be used as a trimmer, so it will never give you a completely smooth shave. That is not what the manufacturer designed it for. This is designed to be a useful lightweight tool for trimming and for doing those quick tidying up jobs.

If this is not the one you need, then please feel free to check out our top 10 list of beard trimmers, by clicking here.

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It is certainly not suited for shaving, or for getting a really close shave. This is powered by battery, making it ideal for travel. It is handy to have one of these in the car, or in a holiday home as it can be used for those unexpected moments.

It can also be sued in the home, but we would not recommend this as your main grooming product.

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