Argan Oil and Your Beard

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When you spend a lot of time looking at shaving and male grooming products, you start to see certain trends. One of these is guys using Argan oil on their beards.

Now at the Emporium we are familiar enough with these types of oils, but we were not that familiar with the Argan variety. And so we went digging to see what we could find out about this.

What Is The Purpose of Beard Oils?

We think it needs to be stated upfront, that almost all men with any type of facial hair, apply very little hair care treatment to it all. Sure they may use a beard trimmer or a pair of scissors to keep it in check and well groomed, but it pretty much stops there.

So for those who have never heard of any type of beard oil it basically does 3 things:

  1. Moisturises the hair and the skin
  2. Softens the beard and shines
  3. Allows for easier styling

Given that we were surprised that more guys didn’t use it. That would tell us that either it doesn’t work, or a lot of men out there just don’t know about it, or feel it is an important part of their daily grooming routine.

We think it is probably the last of the three and that there is a bit of indifference taken to overall beard care.

What’s Out There?

It is really only when you start writing about subjects like this that you start to look around a bit more at what types of beards are out there. (I don’t usually observe a lot of men with facial hair.)

What I noticed was that most beards were dry looking, shaggy in places, different colours and pretty sad looking.

However every now and then you would see one that looked impressive. That one would always be well groomed and had a nice healthy look to it. That got me speaking with Geoff, who tends to sport a beard, especially in the winter months.

It was Geoff that told me he will always use a few drops of beard oil in the morning as it helps give a nice conditioning to his beard. He typically used a product that contained Jojoba oil.

He also told us that as that had a nice scent it had the same sort of impact as a good quality after shave lotion. When I asked him about Argan oil, he had heard of it but never used it.

man with beard

What or Where Does Argan Oil Come From?

The most popular oils for this type of application are:

  • Jojoba
  • Coconut
  • Grapeseed

Argan oil comes not surprisingly from the Argan tree which has it main roots in Morocco. (Excuse the poor pun) Over there it is mainly used on pastas or for dipping your bread into. The oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruit and remains to this day a manual process.

That does of course start to make this oil more expensive as clearly this is a highly labour intensive task. That said, we are not talking about crazy types of prices as a small bottle of this oil has an average cost of around £10.

Different Uses

What did surprise me when I was researching this was that it appears to be used for a load of different purposes. Some people use it as they believe it helps grow their hair, others use to massage into the scalp, some use it for general skin care and others use it to help get rid of things like stretch marks. Apparently if all the reviews are to be believed it also works wonders on our nails!!!

The one element that keeps popping up in all of the reviews that I have read is that it does work really well on bringing a healthy shine to all types of hair, especially those types that have been damaged, or are very dry in nature. There are quite literally many hundreds of reviews about this type of oil.

Brands Who Make The Oil

There are quite a few brands but the most popular are:

  • Billy In The Tree
  • Organix
  • The Body Source
  • Naissance
  • Moroccan Gold

argan oil and beard health

Now all these different brands claim that their products can offer many benefits such as great skin care and anti-ageing properties. They also make various claims about being eco-friendly and from FAIR TRADE producers, which is always good to see.

I didn’t look too much into how many of these claims are true, but many of the brands are pretty keen to get that message out to the public.

Is It Worth a Try?

I am really only bringing this to the attention of readers. The reviews would suggest that it is worth a shot, but as no-one here at the Emporium has used it, we are not going to be recommending one product over the other. If any of our readers have tried out Argan oil, we would of course love to hear their views and opinions.

Please feel free to leave those in the comments section below.

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