A.P. Donovan Professional Razor Review

A.P. Donovan Professional Razor Review

If you are in the market for a luxury razor or shaving set, then this one from A.P.Donovan will exceed your expectations. This professional set will however set you back around £175. At that price you would expect this to be an amazing gift.

This is a full set and any man would instantly fall in love with this. In my opinion it is the ultimate in luxury if your budget can afford it. You get:

  • Beautiful wooden gift box
  • A hand made straight razor with a Japanese steel blade and mahogany handle
  • Hand made shaving soap
  • Shaving brush made of silver badger hair
  • Two-part strop and paste

If you have a look at the image, I think that you can see this one looks to be the highest quality on the market. Although the set does look great, the key to this being one of the best is of course the actual razor which will come into contact with your face.

A.P. Donovan Professional Razor Review

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The Donovan Straight Razor Blade

This is a fixed blade which will need to be cared for and sharpened over time. I have an article which you can click on here, that shows you how to complete this honing process.

The blade is made from Japanese ACRO-steel which is similar to Shirogami steel. According to the description this has a Rockwell hardness of 63. That is all very nice but that does that all mean?

Japanese ACRO – Steel

a p donovan straight razorJapan is particularly well known for its manufacture os some of the best steels in the world today. if you think of swords and particularly Samurai swords, then you may know that the best of these sell for many thousand of pounds.

Throughout the world this steel is also used to make chef and kitchen knives. That has all to do with the quality of the steel and its ability to cut. There are two types of Japanese steel; Shirogami which is a white steel and Aogami which is a blue steel.

The ACRO steel used in this razor belongs to the Shirogami type. It really is a very high quality.

The Rockwell Hardness is simply a scale of how materials are measured for how hard they are. I hate boring my readers with a lot of technical detail, but to keep it simple, the simple rule of thumb is that the harder a metal is, then the better the cutting edge will be.

This is of course right up there so you know you have a perfect blade for shaving.

The Shaving Brush

a p donovan shaving brushAs I have mentioned earlier the shaving brush is made from silver badger hair. The best shaving brushes are all made from badger hair and silver hair is without doubt the best that there is. If you would like to find out more about the different types of badger hair, then please click here for more details.

This brush is of course very well made and when used with the homemade soap will create a very good shaving lather. There is no doubt that this brush looks great, though I do prefer the round style of traditional shaving brushes, rather than the square mahogany style of this particular one.

They have used that shape mainly to create a highly stylish look so I guess I can forgive them that part of their design. The important thing to note about this brush is of course the hair that is used. That is what will be on your face, and is what will help create a great lather for when you are ready to shave.

The Shaving Strop

a p donovan leather stropThis set from Donovan also comes with a two piece shaving strop which is made from high quality leather. I have already done a couple of articles about strops. Here you can read about the different types and how to use them by clicking here.

It is important to properly sharpen a straight razor blade and keep it in top notch condition and this is why this has been provided as part of this shaving set. It does take a little bit of practise to learn how to do this right, but once you get the hang of it, it is an enjoyable task and one that will keep the blade in the best condition possible.

Donovan Reviews

As you can imagine at this price, there will not be a huge number of reviews. I did find one which is shown below:

great value and very well made for a starter set
By Mr Ross Allan on 15 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase
great value and very well made for a starter set. very well presented in a box ideal for giving as a present. Hopefully get many years use from it.

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I don’t think I would class this as a starter set. This is a luxury gift for those that can afford it and have already had some experience at wet shaving. In particular I think they should have some experience with using a straight razor before they should but this one.

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